Sapphire Kiss is a beautiful black model with a big round ass, long black hair and perky 32B tits.

Sapphire was born and raised in Los Angeles. She grew up in a very quiet, peaceful environment, with her grandmother and her sister. She used to be very shy as a teenager. Back then, she wanted to be a registered nurse, because she liked the idea of helping people out. She eventually managed to help thousands, but in a slightly different line of work.

Soon after turning 18, she began to work as a stripper. She used to dance in a Las Vegas club under the name Sapphire, so she kept it as her porn name, shortly adding ‘Kiss’ to it.

Her first time doing porn surprised her because of its intensity; she had no idea it could get like that. In her own words, she really “had to gag some cock.”

She’s attracted to both men and women, and finds it hard to pick one or the other. Her easiest way to reach orgasm, though, is playing with herself. Sapphire strongly believes only a female knows her body well enough to make herself come in the best of ways. Her favorite sex toy is the Magic Wand; she just loves the spinning action of it.


She likes to think outside the box in terms of sex and constantly fantasizes about stuff no one does. She dreams about having sex underwater for long periods of time.

Sapphire believes the best sex always happens when you’re sneaking in somewhere. Her most interesting sexual experience happened in a laundry room.

Her turn ons always depend on the moment and the person she’s with. Having said that, neck kisses will usually work wonderfully. As for turn offs, nothing’s worst for Sapphire than when a man can’t get hard; especially when she’s sucking him off.

She likes to go hiking in the mornings and start the day with a nice little work out. She also loves to cook; it’s her favorite thing to do.

Sapphire had left the business by the time this bio was written, but there’s always a chance she’ll come back. Check back for updates in case that happens.

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