Sierra Sanders is a super hot and curvy Southern girl who happens to have one of the most impressive asses in the industry. She has shoulder length brown hair, piercing blue eyes and a very nice round pair of natural C cups. She is of Scottish, Irish and Cherokee descent.

Sierra SandersSierra grew up on the coast of South Carolina, not too far from Charleston. Her first job was at a local mini-golf and amusement park, when she was 15 years old. She went to the College of Charleston, where she obtained a Bachelor Degree in Geology. As an adult, she became a bartender and at some point she started stripping. She hated being at the strip club night after night, so she decided to give porn a shot.

She has been in a relationship for most of her time as an adult entertainer, and her boyfriend supports her porn career. He also takes pleasure in seeing her being fucked by other male actors.

Often enough she gets recognized in the street and even has several fans in her neighborhood.

She is very much into anal sex; she loves all-natural curvy girls and has a lot of respect for the work ethic of most Big Booty Anal girls.

Sierra is very flexible and a big yoga enthusiast. She tries to do it 4-6 days a week. She has studied Ashtanga yoga and became a certified teacher. Later on, she plans to open a yoga center where she will provide lessons.

She loves her hourglass figure. Her favorite part of her body is her ass, and she has a lot of fun shaking it and showing it off. Her favorite sexual position is standing doggy-style with a leg on the dresser. She enjoys butt plugs, good vibrators and the occasional strap-on.

Sierra has an Audi and loves it. She doesn’t really like flashy cars; she just wants something fun to drive, with a sunroof.

She doesn’t eat meat (unless we count the obvious pun, of course).


  1. Great interview! Do you guys know if she has any social networking page? I couldn’t find her on Twitter.

  2. i think she deleted it