This Southern Belle is the epitome of the classic girl-next-door: Shy and nerdy, with a stunning natural body, long dark brown hair and big brown eyes.

A self-proclaimed hardcore gamer chick, Zarena chose her porn name based on the character name she always used playing video games. Don’t let that fool you, though, as this Mississippi native has wasted no time fulfilling some of her secret fantasies on camera, including Gangbangs and DP. Although at the time of writing she’s only 21 years old and a relative newcomer to the adult industry, Zarena has been featured in many hardcore scenes throughout the past year.

Zarena SummersHer delicate features also reveal an interesting ethnic background, being of German, Choctaw and Scottish descent. While in high school, she was every boy’s particular dream: A nerdy bookworm, a cheerleader, an athlete and – we swear this is true – she even played the flute at band camp!

Zarena has said that the best things she brings to a scene (other than her looks) that set her apart from other performers are her kindness and her personality. Having said that, it’s hard to ignore her other perfect and perky features.

Although we might be more familiar with her less clothed work, fashion is a big part of her life, having studied it in college, she dreamed of having her own clothing line someday.

She has described her dream porn scenario as a “Romantic Thrill”: Having sex during a thunderstorm, on top of a car, surrounded by the deafening sounds of the rain and the wind.

She loves to cuddle and play games and she especially loves it when you kiss her hot spot, the back of her neck. However, she finds ear licking and clit biting a major turn off.

Zarena claims she’d “rather make porn than watch porn,” and although she might not be an avid adult film enthusiast, she loves watching her own scenes, mostly for learning purposes, but also often accompanied by her favorite Hitachi Wand vibrator.

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