Zoey Foxx is a beautiful California girl with an amazing petite body. Even though her name doesn’t suggest it, she is of Mexican descent and Spanish is her first language.

Zoey FoxxShe had a complicated family history. Her mom got pregnant with her when she was 14. She lived with her grandma till she was 10, but after she couldn’t take care of her anymore; her aunt adopted her. She has a total of 15 siblings, 9 from her mom’s side and 6 from her dad’s.

Her adoptive father was one of the youth pastors at their church, and she grew up around religion all that time. She gave her first blowjob at 15 to a kid she used to go to church with, which created a very awkward moment with her dad! She was 17 when she lost her virginity. She graduated high school when she was 16 and moved out of her parents’ house to go live with her grandmother. She was very adventurous growing up, and once defined herself as a “tomboy in pink.”

Zoey started her porn career at age 19, in 2012, wanting to experience new things and meet new people. She had blond hair at that time, but went back to her natural color the next year. The surname Foxx comes from someone special in her life. Her first name comes from her cousins’ suggestion that she was bubbly like the name Zoey.

She absolutely loves sucking balls, even more than dicks. She calls her vagina her “chalupa.”

Break lights flashing in traffic make her horny, she doesn’t understand why, but that doesn’t stop her from playing with herself while she drives. She also once had sex while driving on the highway.

She grew up in Humboldt, a Californian town known for its marijuana harvests. Her mom used to be a grower. Zoey, though, is not a big smoker.

As a teenager, she taught herself to play the acoustic guitar, and loves singing. She also plays the piano and the drums. She likes to surf, has her own board, and goes to Malibu often to surf with her friends.

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