Black Holes and Uranus: Pornhub To Make a Film In Space

As the old saying goes: Space, the final frontier…

… or perhaps when it comes to some Hollywood franchises, the temptation to launch their pro and antagonists into space is a sign that the creative juices are drying up. Friday The 13th removed Jason Voorhees from the confines of Camp Crystal Lake and propelled him 500 years into the future and into space for Jason X. The quite-awful-really Leprechaun series sent our foul Irish mini-monster into the void and it’s said John Carpenter even toyed with the idea of sending Michael Myers into the black in an early draft of Halloween 6.

The point being that sending the cameras into the stratosphere tends to be indicative of a surfeit of ideas. So it’s about that time that trend was bucked… or, if Pornhub have their way, fucked.

That’s right, ladies and gents; Pornhub are planning to make a fuck flick in space next year starring Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins

Their crowdfunding target stands at a rather high $3.4m but with just under $14k donated in just two days they might just make it to the stars after all. Questions abound in relation to this project, perhaps most pertinently… will we finally see a zero-g cumshot happen? The mind – and other parts of the body – boggle.

As you would expect, the funding perks are both generous and crazy, as well as providing a boon for eager advertisers to get their brand plastered on the set and spacesuits of what could be the most memorable moment in the history of porn.

For $20k they let you run the show. Making this donation gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity to help map out an entire scene in the first ever sex tape in space – positions, script, the whole shebang. They will also be throwing in a Pornhub Space Program swag bag. $50k (‘Black Hole’) means a piece of space history will be yours to keep! Pick from one of [5-10] custom made props from the set to add some extraterrestrial flare to your home décor, plus the swag bag. The top contribution, the $150k ‘Uranus’ package scores you one of the 2 spacesuits worn by their sextronauts complete with underwear and a swag bag, the former of which will great for cosplay enthusiasts. Potential contributions start at a dollar, so it’s within the range of the average person who just wants to see this crazy project come to fruition.

Let’s hope and pray this comes together, this could be one small suck for man and a giant fuck for pornkind!

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