The second day of the Salon Erotico de Barcelona started where Thursday left off, only with a few more people this time. Nothing unbearable, but it does get more crowded on every stage performance.

My day began — as I’m sure many men have said before — wanting to talk to Bonnie Rotten. The porn superstar is the special guest of the Salon Erotico, and its biggest name by far. She would only be here for the first two days of the festival, and — as you can imagine — I’m hardly the only one who wanted a piece of Bonnie. Of course, I was after an interview, while I’m sure most fans at this place would probably like something else. Not that I wouldn’t, obviously! After the first smile and greeting kiss from this girl, I was ready to quit my friends, job and leave my identity behind if she’d only asked me to follow her to Berlin. Sadly, she didn’t ask, so I figured I’d just keep working and get the interview (an upcoming BaDoink feature!)

While I still have some trouble adjusting to the ever-growing smell of dick in the air, it’s interesting how an event like this can start becoming relatively normal after a while. I mean, tits are always awesome; just a bit less shocking after you see dozens per minute.

That being said, leave it to the Salon Erotico to deliver the moments that will still get your immediate attention, regardless of how much porn might have desensitized you: Several squirters on stage that would bathe photographers; girls getting fucked with baseball bats; acrobatic 69ing and transexuals with more flexibility than a girly Romanian teenage gymnast.

Speaking of this last part, one of the best lines of the day: While a dancer stripped slowly, carefully tucking his/her package back, the announcer said: “We’re looking for volunteers to fist this woman. The size of your hand is irrelevant. She’s as tough as she is small.” She also smiled while rubbing her nipples with a confidence that seemed to have scared all possible volunteers. Who knows, maybe tomorrow she’ll have more luck?

The best WTF moment for me was not on stage, but walking around the audience: An old fat dude was being dragged naked on a leash by his master, a woman who would then loan the leash to other bystanders, who’d walk him around a bit and made him lick their shoes. Now, while I was trying to get this on camera, I turned to my left and I see an older dude with no pants, dick hanging out and a camera filming what’s going on, and this guy then says to me: “There’s some weird people in this world.”


And I’m sure I’ll run into a few more through the rest of the Salon. Day 3, here we go!

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