is Back After Long Hiatus

Are you tired of cheesy, pseudo-romantic music playing over your porn while two bored skinny girls go through the motions of a half-assed (never a more appropriate term!) scene that might even make you question whether you should go back to work and stop wasting your valuable procrastination time on porn anymore.

The solution might just be back, guys.

“The world loves bangin’ music + big booty bitches,” claims the homepage of the recently re-launched, and truthfully, we find it hard to argue with that statement.

The self-described “fastest growing network of curvy women, hot music and nasty freaks” is back after a seven year hiatus, and what do you know, it appears all of those things are still as popular in 2015 as they were a decade ago. Crazy, huh?

Well, the people at have felt their own absence, and they’re back to drop those juicy bits like it was 2007 all over again.

The porn market has gotten really young, and really skinny, which will make us stand out immediately in a not so crowded marketplace in the big booty niche,” the site’s spokesperson Mark Blaque told XBIZ. “The new site design is mobile-friendly and offers fresh new content from around the world, including Brazil, Canada, England and the United States, [because] we wanted to give our members a more international experience.”

An international experience was in fact what the classic site’s founders were shooting for when it was created. They had noticed a high ratio of “vanilla” sites, featuring watered down one-dimensional porn from a Hollywood perspective, as they actually felt there was a lack of representation from Asian, Black, Latin and — because it’s all welcome — big booty white girls.

So, of course that in these times where everything is all about that bass, would find a wonderful welcome.

All of their content is now exclusively shot in HD, and they feature extended behind the scenes footage of their shoots, party events, studio sessions and really, any excuse to show a big booty in all of its bouncing glory.

“We would like for people to see the urban world differently,” Blaque added.

Whatever your reason may be; opening up to the “urban” world, taking a break from underwhelming skinny white girls, or simply enjoying some phat beats over phater jiggly goodness, Hiphopmeetsporn is back to meet all your low-frequency needs.

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