Conrad Son is a Spanish adult director, producer and actor and he’s been in the industry for almost three decades. “I’m 47 years old, and have been doing this for 27 years,” Conrad tells us, “I’ve got more years in this profession than the girls that work with me.”

Conrad is also the person single-handedly in charge of Xposure, a sex reality show produced for BaDoink that follows him and an assortment of girls on exotic destinations all over Spain, where they hang out, experience the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and, of course, have a ridiculous amount of sex.

While I did watch the series researching for this interview, I didn’t know what to expect from Conrad, since I knew he didn’t speak a lot of English, and perhaps some parts of his personality are not as noticeable when you watch the show. I conducted the interview in Spanish, though, and what I found was a much more confident, laid back and talkative guy who’s extremely passionate about women, not just their body parts or their porn personas, but who they truly are and what they truly do. He seems to be on a quest to put the authentic “reality” back into reality shows. But mainly, here’s a dude who’s just having fun doing what he likes to do, which in principle is the way all of us would like to live our lives.

Interview: Adult Director, Producer & Actor Conrad Son

You’ve had a long career; 27 years is a long time. But this is your first incursion on an American show. Can you give us a little background on how Xposure started?

I lived the golden era of porn, when they used to do big budget movies with fictitious arguments, drama and comedy. Then I went through the more recent scene era, that had much more basic motives to watch sex. Our idea was to integrate the reality format, based on the French Cinema Verité of the 60s and 70s, hopefully getting the sensation what’s happening is real, and we’ve given it a televised tone that falls somewhere between Spanish and American reality shows.

Xposure is the story of a Spanish guy from Barcelona that randomly encounters BaDoink, an American porn company, and shows them what he’s done. He has no money, so what he does is figure out a way to show the place where he’s from and he goes on holiday for free. Everywhere he goes, he tries to have sex, generating content for the show, but mainly having a good time. That is what he wants to show to the public. There’s never a forced situation and the sex is fun.

I’m know I’m a lucky man for having sex with these girls. I create a lot of empathy with the spectator, because in the end that person thinks he can do it, too, and he respects you for it. I’m not a handsome guy, a tall guy, a guy with a huge dick, or with an athletic body. I’m a very normal guy on vacation, with a hat and a t-shirt, and that gets us closer to people that look at websites trying to find really horny girls. Not because they’re porn actresses, but because they’re like that; because they like sex.

Interview: Adult Director, Producer & Actor Conrad Son

Are all of the girls on Xposure porn actresses, though?

Most of them, but they’re more amateur than professionals. I’ve basically picked girls that like sex a lot. And they charge, of course, but in the end the fact they come here, wanting to be with me in these places, vacationing, eating, dancing, fucking… It’s within their ideal paradise. All the girls on the show would do it without the money. It’s like me; I do this because I make a living with it, but if they didn’t pay me, I’d still be doing this. I think people notice that. This doesn’t look forced, it’s not an extremely technical situation, and it’s shot they way we would all do it. It’s like when you shoot something on a friend’s wedding. That report is more believable than a professionally made wedding video. We’ve made sure not to lose that naturalness.

So some of the girls are not porn stars. I assume in a public context while visiting all these sex-oriented places, you’ll find a few people, bystanders you didn’t know, whose enthusiasm for the new experience might get them into the show. Did that happen?

There are two or three girls I’d never seen before, and there’s always one whose life’s dream is to fuck a known porn star. That enthusiasm can be seen clearly. Before we started, I looked at my appointment book and picked girls who give you the feeling they’re doing it because they want to. They might not be the most beautiful ones, but that doesn’t mean they’re ugly; it means that beauty wasn’t the priority, but that they’d be wonderful and fun.

It’s like the cars you see in the show. They’re not the best cars, but they’re fun cars. There are three or four cars that are over 40 years old, but they’re a lot more playful than the latest Peugeot or Ford. We’re going to a fun place, with a fun car, and we want everything to be fun. In a tumultuous era like this one, when people watch something on TV or the Internet, what they want is to withdraw from reality; they want to go to a different reality, but one that doesn’t feel like science fiction, one that feels real. So we’ve found the ideal girls in that sense.

Interview: Adult Director, Producer & Actor Conrad Son

The reality format allows a lot of unexpected things to happen. Any fun or weird experiences that didn’t make the show for whatever reason?

Swingers clubs are where more stuff has happened to us. Some girls really wanted to be in the show, but I knew perfectly well we’d have problems from the start; either because of non-signed releases, or because it looked like their husbands would regret it later, so I had to tell them no.

Of course, saying no to a very hot girl that wants to suck your cock sounds unbelievable! But I was filming, and it’s not like I have an iron dick either. I can’t be fucking five girls and filming two more. So it was either ‘I record you, or we don’t fuck.’

There was even one situation where there were four girls sucking my dick, and out of the four of them, only one was under contract. The other three were saying, “It’s okay, we’ll sign whatever it takes”, but then one of the husbands came over, asking me where this was going, and that was it. I knew we couldn’t use it.

While there’s a lot of party moments on the show, a couple of the locations were more serious yet laid back places, and seem to have a completely different vibe than that of the clubs. Did you find a similar response in those?

We went to shoot at the Exus Nature, a nudist hotel, and there were naked people all over the place, so you’d have to stop and cut often, because several of them were public figures. There was a politician, and a lawyer… And they all signed the release papers, with the condition that we wouldn’t see their faces. It was great, because those were people whose social conditions were out of the ordinary. Usually the people who do our thing come from an economic status that’s maybe a little lower than that. These were people without any money problems. They just wanted to have sex, but didn’t want to be recognized.

A lot of us would like to do things that we don’t do because no one’s given us the chance. There are a lot of people interested in porn, but they think it’s going to be a strange world. Then they see you with the hat, with the car, with the girl, laughing, eating, fucking, having a good time under the sun and they go, “well, this is fantastic!”

Interview: Adult Director, Producer & Actor Conrad Son

I remember this one girl who, while she was shown naked briefly in the shower with Carol Sevilla, didn’t take part in anything else and we didn’t see her again. Was this one of those cases?

She was the hotel maid.

And she just asked you to be in it or you came up to her? How does that work?

She came up to me and asked if I wanted to shoot her. She said what she would really like to see was another girl sucking my dick. So I said, “come over and just watch”. She did nothing, a little bit of teasing with Carol, but besides that she just watched. And because this is a reality show, I thought it was a good thing that this was authentic. There are a lot of young girls who like to watch a dick being sucked, so we put that on the show.

I’m really lucky with this. Now on this new second season we’re doing, we have a girl that was just a Twitter fan and lives in the Canary Islands. She wanted to help me fix up the place, cook the food… In return she wants to be able to fuck a little bit, because she has that fantasy.

On camera or off camera?

No, on camera. Maybe off camera sometime, but of course, I’m 47 years old, doing many things off camera doesn’t interest me much (laughs).

Also, when you give yourself away off camera, it shows. How many people run the 100-yard dash several times, one with the camera and one without it? You have to do the 100-yard dash right there. Because, aside from the sexual potency, it just doesn’t look so natural.

Interview: Adult Director, Producer & Actor Conrad Son

Do you purposely look for girls that, even if they’re porn stars, have a more amateur approach to porn?

We have a very high percentage of girls who don’t know how to fuck professionally, and that can be a good thing. For example, Nena Gogó – who now lives with me – did her first anal with me, and it was so much fun! It’s very poorly recorded, because it caught me off guard. We were supposed to have sex with Lulu and she was tired, but Nena was quite horny. She suggested we could try anal. I shot it and got 21 minutes of footage, but they’re all good! I’ve watched it three times, and every time I watch it I like it more, because it’s exactly the essence of the first part of the show: not much quality in terms of cinematography, but enormous quality on a human, emotional and real level. It would make me laugh, because she’d grab my dick and say, “I can’t find my own ass” (laughs). Out of context, it might seem crass, but it was very fun.

How are you approaching this new season of Xposure compared to the first one?

We keep trying to be natural and not repeat ourselves. When you’ve done 60 episodes, the most important thing is not to repeat. Having Nena Gogó as an assistant (she signs up for everything!) gives me the chance of having a second camera, and the spectator gets to see other shots. When I shoot on my own, my arm is the limit. When there’s another person, I have a 10-ft arm. We play with more cameras this time, so it’s much more dynamic and you can place the characters better. We’ve also upgraded the audio quality, so people will hear it better.

There are technical improvements, but on the other hand I didn’t want to improve in one essential aspect: that it doesn’t look too professional, especially on the interaction with the girls, I think that’s important. Also, to be myself. I’m a very humble, simple, fun and horny person. The girls that don’t turn me on, I don’t pick them.

Interview: Adult Director, Producer & Actor Conrad Son

So, more specifically, what new things can we expect on this second season?

The activities! There’s sex on camels, on donkeys, on jet skis, windsurfing… All the possibilities you can imagine on the beach. Any activities you can do on an island, and how the girls look, what kind of experience they have and how they take it. There are girls that have a specific sexual fantasy and I try to organize it so they can make it come true.

I’m sorry, you did just say sex on camels, right?

Yes, there was one girl that told me she would really like to fuck on a camel. So I said, “okay, we’ll try it.”

How was that? I can’t say I’ve done it, but once you get past the novelty, it sounds terribly uncomfortable…

It’s fun, because the camel may start pissing, it moves, it almost throws the girl down to the floor…

Interview: Adult Director, Producer & Actor Conrad Son

I like the idea of a more realistic, non-traditional porn. Do you see a normal porn audience being into Xposure, and if not, what kind of crowd are you looking to attract?

I think the person that looks for 25-minute porn is not going to find it on Xposure. We’re not selling this. We’re selling what really happens when you go on vacation. We’ve all had quickies, we can’t all be fucking for two and a half hours.

There are also more girl-on-girl scenes, because now I have the chance of shooting at more extraordinary settings. We shoot with less people. Previously we’ve done the Fiestas de Sevilla, or we’d go to clubs and things like that. Here we go to more unique locations, prettier ones, and the girls talk about things they wouldn’t talk about before.

There’s a very fun couple, Julia de Lucía and her girlfriend, a stripper from Gran Canaria, and they have a very nice house. She shows us her way of life. Anytime she can, she’s naked because it makes her feel better. She tells us her fears, too. They’ll share things that are a little bit removed from porn; more personal things, more emotional. I think our followers like to know more things. I think once you’ve seen a girl being fucked anally, you just want her to tell you that she likes vanilla, or that she has a girlfriend, or that she’s afraid of sleeping alone. Once you came, the magic stops, but another magic starts.

Of course, you want to feel the normal routine of that person. How she’d act were the cameras not around. Do you think that human part is more noticeable in the second season?

I think the human part always wins, for positive or negative. Girls have their emotions and live their lives. I think this season is a little richer than the first one. It’s more fun and more human. It’s also better shot, because we’ve seen the success of the first one and now we had more technical possibilities, without losing that natural spark of letting things happen on their own.

Interview: Adult Director, Producer & Actor Conrad Son

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