Interview: AVN Awards 2015 Nominee Romi Rain

Romi Rain is no stranger to readers of BaDoink magazine and the porn-afficionado visitors to BaDoink VIP alike, having been the subject of one of our starlet profiles and the star of one of BaDoink’s exclusively shot adult scenes. That’s why we’re especially proud that Romi has been nominated for a number of prizes at this year’s AVN Awards ceremony in Las Vegas. With that in mind, how could we NOT ask her about it? Happily for us all, Romi took some time out of her hectic schedule to answer a few questions for us…

So, how excited are you this year about going to the AVN Awards?

It’s very exciting! The AVN awards is the biggest event in adult entertainment of the year, it’s what most of the industry (maybe secretly) thinks about and prepares for even from the beginning of the year. Everyone is there to appreciate all the hard work they put into their careers and for furthering the creation of quality pornography!

It’s only my second AEE/AVN so I’m still a little nervous, but I am not going in as a total “newbie”. I’m even more excited this year because I even have my own projects and showcase movies now!

You’ve been nominated for both Best Actress and Female Performer of the Year. How does it feel to be nominated for more than one award?

Really flattering! Last year I was nominated for Best Tease and Best group Sex Scene, and this year I’m up for 9 awards! Most of them for my showcases “Romi Rain Darkside” and “The Sexxxploitation of Romi Rain”, as well as two for the feature adult film that I was lucky enough to star in “The Laws of Love”, and three in the Best Group Sex Scene category! Blows my mind but I’m so grateful, I really have worked hard the past two years and it makes me so happy that folks liked my work.

Interview: AVN Awards 2015 Nominee Romi Rain

What does an AVN Award mean to a performer?

To be honest it’s a bit of validation within the industry; the industry in which you work is telling you, even by just being nominated, that your work has stood out and people like what you do or how you do it. It’s flattering, especially if you already enjoy what you do.

What is it about your performance in ‘The Laws of Love’ that has seen you earn an AVN nomination?

The Laws of Love was the first feature adult film I starred in. I had to audition for it and was pretty nervous but really eager to explore a different side of myself in the industry. I do like to improve and like to play characters so I was excited to show that I could just dive into it. The fun thing about a feature adult film is that you really do have time to build up a state of eroticism, show more of a longing, need, or the desire that these people might have and why it leads them to hot sex. You’re supposed to really have and show chemistry which is very important in sex in general and not always explored in hardcore gonzo scenes… which I’m arguably known more for, not that I’m complaining.

Female Performer of the Year suggests that 2014 was a damn good year for you… what were some of the standout moments? What made it so successful for you?

Well, at the very beginning of 2014, I launched my official website with the Puba network and that was very important to me; it’s still my baby, and everything on my site is exclusive and of my (and often Ivan of Puba‘s) creation, usually random fun ideas in our heads. I hire makeup, buy wardrobe and contact performers personally. I also record my own private footage, “personal sex tapes” that are as real as can be! Scenes from my site were put on a compilation showcase “The Sexxxploitation of Romi Rain” and a few of my scenes are nominated for “Best Oral Sex Scene”, “Best Tease”, “Best Makeup” and “Best Director” for Ivan at the AVN Awards this year, which is awesome!

Another huge moment for me was shooting and releasing my own showcase movie “Romi Rain Darkside” from Jules Jordan Video, it’s something I’ve talked about and had ideas for, for months upon months and it finally came together to be my most hardcore movie to date, with a huge chunk of my firsts; 1st Anal, 1st Boy-Boy-Girl, 1st Blowbang, and my 1st Interracial scene. We kept it a total secret until the promo photos and trailer was released, I’m really proud of it and am so happy with the response! Darkside is up for “Best Star Showcase”, “Best Boy-Boy-Girl”, and “Best Director” for Jules!

Interview: AVN Awards 2015 Nominee Romi Rain

What is it that makes a great adult performer?

An almost equal combination of desire for great sex, an upbeat attitude, and professionalism. The sex is awesome, but you also have to be prepared to be on some sets at first light with a suitcase full of new ironed clothes, a fully groomed and polished body and the clear head and good attitude that only comes from sleeping right and treating yourself well. You can be a train-wreck in porn and get a few jobs here and there, but it won’t last, you wont work often and your career will never go as far as it could. A good attitude, a strong will, and a healthy lifestyle is key for long-term success in most jobs, especially one as personal and physical as hardcore pornography. Ever screw on a bail of hay? Ha-ha!

How will things change if you win? Will they change?

Hopefully the only thing that would change is just the amount of people who know of me, winning an AVN is pretty much set in stone, you’re undeniably and easily found or referenced in adult entertainment history so to speak. I definitely would love more lovely folks around the world enjoying them some Romi Rain porn!

If you do pick up an award, what’s the first thing you would do to celebrate?

I might just squeal, jump and down for a second, realize I look silly, kiss someone and then go back to my room and order pizza and ice cream from room service… Ha! Honestly though, that’s probably what would happen… I have simple tastes and am just happy to be there and appreciated. Everybody loves love!

Well, we love you, Romi! All the best for AVN!

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