Interview: Jillian Janson - AVN Awards 2015 Nominee

It’s a proud month for BaDoink as yet another one of the fantastic starlets to have graced our virtual pages, the gorgeous Jillian Janson, heads to the 2015 AVN Awards show in Las Vegas as an award nominee, for Best New Starlet of the Year no less! You can read all about Jillian in her BaDoink profile, as well as catch her in action in her fabulous BaDoink VIP scene. Of course, what we really want to know right now is how it feels to have received such a prestigious nomination. Happily, Jillian was on hand to tell us all what it’s like…

So, how excited are you this year about going to the AVN Awards?

I’ve been extremely anxious to go to AVN again ever since I went last year with someone that showed me around and introduced me to a lot places as well as people. However, this year I am guaranteed it will be much more fun and exciting since I have the pleasure of signing for Jules Jordan at the Convention and I’ve also received the great honor of being a Trophy girl during the award show!

How does it feel to be nominated for an AVN Award? What would an AVN Award mean to you?

It’s a great feeling, even though it’s very nerve-wracking considering it’s been quite a year for me, but there have been many other girls that have worked as hard that deserve it just as much as I do. I really want this award, but honestly I will be really shocked if I win and it would honestly mean so much to me, considering it would be the biggest accomplishment in my life so far, to win at something I love doing. It would be a wonderful form of encouragement that will allow me to expand my interests and skills to further my knowledge in performing for a lot longer in this industry.

You’ve been nominated for Best New Starlet… What do you think was so special about your performances in 2014, that it was such a successful year for you, that you received this nomination?

Personally there were a lot of performances that were special to me, because I truly give each person my complete and undivided attention whether we are building our chemistry verbally or physically. I also did a lot to make myself stand out, such as working for numerous companies and adding quite a bit to my pornographic resume, as I love working with woman, men, doing anal, and IR.

What were the standout moments of 2014 for you?

When I first started in the business, I didn’t really know what to expect with this lifestyle, but I definitely had some plans for myself as I decided to work on becoming the best performer I could be, with a healthy mind and body. I’ve been fortunately blessed to receive the variety of work that I have, from being in magazines such as Barely Legal and Penthouse to performing for major companies such as Jules Jordan, Wicked, Digital Playground…

Interview: Jillian Janson - AVN Awards 2015 Nominee

Why are the AVN Awards so important?

I believe it’s important to get recognized for the skills and talents that we all possess in this kind of field, because it only seems fair considering the film and music industries are allowed to experience these type of events for their accomplishments, so why shouldn’t we!

What is it that makes a great adult performer?

The most important thing is to always have positive energy especially, since it’s the best way to show off your personality and it improves the chemistry with your coworker when you show off the fierce sexuality that you have, to experience new things with new people, whether it’s being submissive, seductive, or dominant. It’s great to have a sweet, caring, and innocent personality as well as having that other side where I can also be naughty and get what I want.  I feel that it’s always helpful to personally interact with everyone, including my fans and those in this industry, in order to get a better understanding of the type of things people enjoy. So I believe that all of these things together are what make me a great performer.

How will things change if you win? Will they change?

I will never change as an individual; I will hopefully just improve. I plan to continue performing the way I currently do, but along the way I hope to explore more about myself as well as the world to see how I can inspire more of my dreams, actions, and decisions.

If you do pick up the award, what’s the first thing you would do to celebrate?

I would call my family and tell them the good news. Then I would go out with my friends to the club or somewhere so we can celebrate with dancing and drinks!

Awesome, Jillian. Be sure to let us know where that club is!


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