Jenna Jameson Joins FOX News As Election Pundit

Jenna Jameson will have been called a fox a billion times throughout her life and career but actually working for FOX News… well, who would have ever called that?

The ‘news’ channel – the Galactic Empire of infotainment – has hired the porn legend to become part of the punditry team for the 2016 US Presidential election race.

More like Presidential erection, amirite?!

Disappointingly, Jameson is no stranger to the channel, having appeared on the dark lord Bill O’Reilly’s ‘O’Reily Factor’ a number of years ago. Even worse, she endorsed Mitt Romney – a cardboard cut-out brought to life by evil magic – in the 2012 election.

“I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office,” Jenna told a TV reporter at the time. “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”

“Jenna’s previous appearances have proven popular, so we’re delighted to welcome her back,” said FOX News President Roger Ailes.

While we can’t deny Jenna the opportunity of an easy payday – the Land Of Opportunity and all that jazz – repeating the same things over and over and generally providing political obstruction as opposed to progress, FOX’s latest acquisition is something of a surprise.

Even with Jenna’s prolific porn past, she has also suffered with substance and alcohol abuse. FOX – considering themselves the bastion of morality… hey, stop laughing! – would most likely never go near an individual with such a history.

But hey, this is FOX News, we know they’re not averse to sexism, racism and pandering to their braindead loyal audience. Regardless of how much – or how little – Jenna may contribute to proceedings, it’s little but a cynical exercise in grabbing yet another slice of the male demographic.

Still, they say you are the company that you keep…

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