Kinkies: Crowdfunding For Generation Sexxx

For too long BaDoink and other adult-friendly types have bemoaned the total dearth of assistance from the mainstream when it comes to making money from the grand ol’ art of fucking. If you’re in the biz and reading this then cast your minds back and think as to how many times you have been rejected, dejected and uncollected by the hypocritical money vultures on the ‘normal’ side. I say hypocritical because these guys – while rejecting porn and sex – are probably neck deep in arms sales, drug deals and Lord knows what else.

The point is: we gotta stick together, right? It’s an oft-repeated message but one that can never be stressed too much. So when doors are being slammed in your face the best thing to do is grab a crowbar and smash a few windows open and go all native on they ass. Porn does well enough for itself despite all this, but it can do better. WE can do better.

Porn and the sex biz is largely led by its fans and consumers. It’s the biggest exclusive club in the world. So it stands to reason that one should serve the other. The industry needs a way to thank the fans, and the fans need a way to thank the biz. With crowdfunding apparently being the best way to make money nowadays, it’s only right that adult-only services in that realm are beginning to pop up. So say hey, hello, bonjour, hola and guten tag to, the latest and potentially greatest adult-only crowdfunding platform that looks set to not only be a blessing to the biz, but could well change the nature of interaction between fans, stars and all the other branches of the industry.

But what’s the big idea? Can the crowdfunding concept be taken any further? Well, isn’t it lucky that we spoke with Kinkies to get the full scoop? As they say, take it away…

Tell us a little about Kinkies. Am I correct in deeming it an adult-only crowdfunding platform, but with a more personal twist?

Kinkies is a crowdfunding style system for adult industry professionals where they can connect with new fans and sponsors for their dreams and ideas while providing alluring and unique products and services to their backers. They can even outright sell or pre-sell digital or tangible products and services to collect funds to achieve their goals. Additionally, it becomes an affiliate style platform for the stars of the industry, with minimal effort from their end, other than being, social, sharing, and engaging their fans.

Crowdfunding for the adult industry isn’t totally new. There have been some similar startups before us, such as OffBeatR and recently Cumfundme, but while one was making it almost impossible to open a project by requiring the project creators to get some social media attention before they could start collecting funds, the other restricts nudity and doesn’t support the possibility for perks, gifts or merchandise to motivate their sponsors. That’s where Kinkies differs. It’s a way of crowdfunding in which everyone can feel they are a giver and a getter (no pun intended!). For the project creators, it’s also functioning as the fiverr or eBay of the adult industry and now the fans will have a great new place to get personal with their favorite stars, studios and enthusiasts like never before.

The blurb on Kinkies’ About section indicates a moral problem you have with pirating/torrenting, lack of residuals and so on. Do you think enough is being done to curb such practices? If not, why not?

Stealing content is morally under the threshold for sure but we are not under the illusion that we can stop this behavior with our site. In this day and age most are raised to believe everything should be free with no appreciation for the deluxe content they have just enjoyed. We cannot help those folks, and unfortunately it’s a growing population. Though we realise that we are now in the 21st century, where Pornhub and other amazing companies exist, so free porn is just a click away without even opening a torrent client. As a result, customers need new motives. Getting something personal from stars and studios is a dream for some and that’s where we hope to change that for everyone. We’ll provide these new motives by going more personal with the fans, giving them insight to a dream they can actually help materialize and come true with their purchases. Everyone wins. Thats what we call ultimate satisfaction!

Kinkies: Crowdfunding For Generation Sexxx


A common complaint from the adult industry has always been a lack of funding, a lack of opportunity, lack of acceptance from mainstream banks/creditors/other services. Would you say this is the main driver behind the creation of Kinkies?

These were definitely existing factors that we looked at when we created Kinkies. The lack of funding, and general investment bravery is quite rare these days when we are talking about serious funding. This is not unique to the adult industry itself, but when it involves material of an adult nature, then the risk assessment is usually avoided at all costs. This is in itself killing most of the opportunities an adult industry pro could find when an idea pops.

We’ve spoken with many professionals in the industry and we’ve heard amazing movie and business ideas that never materialized because of the lack of funding. Even great businesses slipping away due to not finding a proper adult approved payment processing company for their product.

When people – from directors through sales reps to cam-girls – are talking about their ideas and you can see their passion while they talk about the Big Dream, that is something worth conserving. A value that banks rarely respect due to the nature of their own business, but fans on the other hand, when put together in one place, can really make a difference. When you look for a real life sponsor for your idea you’ll hit a lot of obstacles: lots of compromising with investors, degrading or transforming your idea to their needs, and at the same time losing your original drive and direction as you see your ‘Golden Egg’  turn out to be some hybrid invention you yourself could not love anymore. We keep the passion in the adult industry members’ dreams by helping them collect funds from people who share the passion in their idea as well – their fans and supporters. In our case, we’ve been lucky enough to be backed by multi-award winning studio DDF Productions in this venture. You could even call them our Godfather!

Are there any special features that Kinkies will be rolling out when it’s launched? Anything that would set you apart even more from the likes of Kickstarter, IndieGoGo etc?

Most definitely. We’ll be setting up a section that will allow visitors to search more in depth. For instance, looking for your favorite stars’ lingerie? Search for ‘lingerie’ and all the projects with lingerie as a purchasable perk will appear: signed panties or a bra, a custom video or a Skype call with your favorite star and such one-of-a-kind items and experiences that are rare and usually not searchable in one place. It’s a market place for your fantasies to come true.

We’ve also devised a system in which we build a general profile for all the stars we believe have what it takes to be successful in crowdfunding. The initial profile has images or a video and lists all the websites in which the girls have scenes. If someone wants to help support the stars’ dreams they can simply purchase a membership to one of the sites and a pre-determined amount goes directly to her fund. In this basic phase, the only work the girl needs to do is share the link every once and awhile and get fans engaged on her Kinkies profile. From there she can choose to add her dream, idea or goal and any perks, items or services as motivators. Essentially they can test us out with minimal effort to see if they want to put the work into the next level income generation, or they can just kick back and collect funds from membership sites they are featured on. This is also a motivation factor for pay sites as this turns models into affiliates without them having to do all the work behind that.

Upon launch we will open up the site for adult industry professionals and give them the chance to submit their projects in the first stage. We’ll personally consult and help them optimize their project before approval. We also want to make sure that projects posted are intelligible, attainable and high quality. We’ve seen some pretty bad projects on other sites and we don’t plan to go in that direction. We have a few really nice projects already in the works with some fantastic industry entrepreneurs. The site will open to the public 30 days after the first stage of project submissions. If you’re an Adult Industry Professional, be it an actress, camgirl, studio, director, producer, designer, innovator, game changer, we’d love to hear from you!

Are you able to tell us a little about Kinkies roadmap? Where do you expect to be in the coming months and years?

We hope to host the first 500 projects within the first six months, become mobile and have pop-up offices in strategic tropical locations in 12 months and we hope to reach 2,000 success stories by our second anniversary.