It’s news that a lot of people have been waiting for and we finally have it for you. Fem porn directorial queen and BaDoink favorite Lucie Blush is to finally step in front of the camera and perform her first shoot.

Is that not enough for you? Well then, her debut foray into performance will also be her first time with another woman. It’s only the very beginning of August but it feels like Christmas already!

Due to shoot in Barcelona sometime during the middle of this month, Lucie will be getting up close and personal with new Aussie starlet Molly Dae (who will be the subject of a big feature on BaDoink imminently). The as-yet-untitled scene will be a mix of the usual excellent standard of explicitness and documentary, with both performers talking about both the experience and themselves.

Despite bringing forth some of the most exciting feminist/ethical films in a long while, Lucie is a lot more shy and retiring when it comes to performance than you might expect. Naturally, tensions and excitement are both at an all-time high.

“I feel a little nervous about being on screen for the first time,” she said “but overall I feel excited about the project.

“I want to make something unique by capturing my genuine feelings and sensations and using my body to provide an authentic experience. Besides, my team are good friends and they’re good professionals so I’m more than confident that I will feel at ease.”

Molly, currently shooting in the UK away from her native Brisbane, said: “I’ve admired Lucie’s work for so long. To be picked for her first on-camera scene and to be the first girl she’s been with is a major honour. I can’t wait!”

For those of you salivating as you read this, the omens are looking good: Lucie is not ruling out an extended run in front of the camera.

“If this works out well, I will definitely think about making more movies with myself. My films are depictions of my own fantasies, so in a way it makes sense that I would be the one to embody them. My main focus will always be directing, but this is an exciting new chapter for me.”

The fair city of Barcelona may not know what’s hit it come the end of August. Hold on to your hats… amongst other things.

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