In Australia this week a man paid $42,000 in an auction for a private one-hour webcam session with dominatrix Maitresse Madeline at, breaking all records for the most money ever spent on a webcam show. A Kink publicist told that this was “porn for the 1 percent” and at 42K a pop nobody’s going to argue with that.

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The guy that lost out had bid $30,000. Imagine that if you will. According to a press release, “$42,000 puts Madeline in league with pop stars like Lady Gaga and Oprah.”

According to Madeline herself, who plans on more interactive auctions in the future, “People are paying for something they don’t get in normal life… People want to remain anonymous and they pay for anonymity.”

According to Kink, the auction was a trial for a new way to market and make money from adult content. Of course, given the prices involved, it’s a very limited market. Then again, given the prices involved, it doesn’t look like that really matters.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, a little town called Ware in Hertfordshire has just been dubbed the porn capital of Britain, reported the Guardian. This news comes from adult entertainment site Pornhub, which found that the residents of Ware spent more time on the site than any other place in Britain. Let’s hope they don’t all ‘Ware’ themselves out!


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