Don’t get the story wrong – I’m a gentle heart, a poet, and an accomplished gentleman; besides I’m rather handsome, so looking for a girlfriend online is not even on my never-to-do list. However, I’m a writer and the essence of this dedicated job is to explore, interpret and unveil the mysteries of our world – this is what made me visit and register for MyGirlFund.

MyGirlFund fascinates me already at first glance. On the about page, a cheerful slogan in its header informs me: “The Girl Next Door Is Now Online” – isn’t that amazing news (weirdly, a couple of days ago she asked me if she could check her Facebook on my laptop). Anyway…

MyGirlFund: Social Networking with Your Pants Off

Connect one on one with sexy, interesting girls you won’t find anywhere else

This is even more fascinating (as said I already happen to know all the girls next door), and although I don’t have the habit of searching for females online, who on Earth would refuse getting to know new chicks that are both interesting and sexy, especially if they are not to be found anywhere else?

Chat, flirt, cam and play with girls who are online right now looking for new friends and naughty fun.

Cool. I love being friends with women. And I can only be true friends with girls who have the same notion about fun.

Then, among the two user testimonials, I found the following (posted by one of these interesting girls I won’t find anywhere else, SweetEmily):

“Mygirlfund is a fun place to make friends and explore my sexuality. I get to know guys on a deep level and they get to know me. MGF is social networking with your pants off!”  

Well, I meet new people every day and easily make friends. I am not conservative at all, and keeping my pants on has never been an obstacle. So, dear SweetEmily, MyGirlFund is not a more unrestrained version of Facebook, but rather a platform that offers live cams and a marketplace to sell amateur porn content. I know, because I already signed up and in.

Yes, some of the girls put up their stories, write their blogs (yes, I’m very intrigued that a Russian chick had a terrible day at the library before coming home to show her shaved genitalia to her “friends” who, out of academic and humane concern, sponsored her university tuition by sending her paid messages, enjoying her in online kinkiness, and buying her naughty homemade pictures and videos) and even create contests (like: send photos of yourself wearing female panties and you’ll get a free cam session with your newly met friend).

MyGirlFund: Social Networking with Your Pants Off

This is interactive amateur porn and has nothing to do with meeting people. I don’t pay people to talk to me. The people I call “friends” don’t pay me to message them. It gets even worse. Some girls’ pages convey an e-bay-like feeling, with their colorful, differently sized fonts, banners, price lists and product descriptions.

On the bright side, in order to achieve “their specific goals”, some of these “next door” girls aren’t shy about inserting large fruit and veg in their “kitties”, urinating or stroking their pregnant breasts for your pantie-less social networking pleasure.

Funnily, while Googling around to gather data about MyGirlFund, I was inspired by the creativity of the website’s sales department, which in 2010 had approached Capri Anderson with a letter.

As expected, searching for Capri in MyGirlFund brought no results. A successful porn star doesn’t live off chunks of the profit cyber sugar daddies bring to a live cam site.

And just in case you were thinking about it, don’t ask for my MyGirlFund user name. I’m not paying for naked pictures.

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