Natalie Star: Out Of This World

Natalie will be moderating this week’s #SexTechTalk on Wednesday 6/15 at 3pm EDT.

To speak to Natalie Star – even for five minutes – and you already glean a great sense of what she is about. “Success”, “drive” and “ambition” are just three of her keywords that crop up any number of times in conversation. But these aren’t some empty boasts with zero substance. You know the way that the people who spend time posting those hideous motivational image macros are usually the ones who have the least to show for their efforts? Yeah well, it’s the opposite of that. Natalie not only has the chops, experience and rewards to show for her hard work, she doesn’t sit in her nest and crow about it to all and sundry either. And it’s something that seems imprinted in her DNA…

“I grew up home schooled and did gymnastics from ages 5 to 18,” she says early on in our interview “… so I have always had a solid work ethic with the belief that failure is not an option. Therefore I would have to say between my own stubbornness, desire to succeed, and belief in myself, I was determined to be the best at this.” A feature in Playboy by BaDoink favorite Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals deemed Natalie “a savvy recruiter of new talent and compassionate coach”. It was a laser-guided assessment that smashed its target to pieces.

The webcam model, agent, mentor, entrepreneur and matriarch provides one of the most inspiring and interesting tales within the whole industry, but that’s not the game Natalie wants to play. The biz, dealing with the bullshit, fostering relationships, making money… it’s all just part of the fabric of another day. For the person who says they “couldn’t tell you the last time I knew what a Friday was”, it’s do or die. Victory or death. It’d be boring any other way, right?

As well as her head for business, intelligence and strong sense of fairness and humanity, you could almost forget her aesthetic. Almost. Natalie’s Asian and Latin heritage produces a most striking vision. Her long, thick black hair tumbles down onto shoulders and a body that hold the power to melt even the coldest heart. Combine all of this with a toned and athletic figure in a neat 5’3 package and this Vegas girl is just about the best gamble you could ever wish to take in your life. Roll the dice, indeed.

Bold and cobative enough to hold the name Natalie Fucking Star as her official homepage, Natalie’s approachable qualities and role as a shepherd and bodyguard for her charges shine through on Natalie’s Fucking Stars; a site showcasing some of the latest and greatest cam models currently wowing the industry.

Like the best success stories, it has humble beginnings. Given her name, it even sounds like a suitable origin story for a burgeoning superhero. With Natalie’s drive, determination and desire not to just ensure her own success but that of her colleagues, proteges and the industry itself, it’s such a Herculean effort that maybe you do need to be bitten by radioactive spider to be able to manage it. Natalie has achieved more by the age of 25 than the majority of people in the world can ever hope to achieve in their entire lives.

Well, unless Natalie has been holding something back from us, it looks like hard work, opportunity and a spirit that refuses to be levelled are the most vital ingredients. And as with any other industry, to get ahead you must prepare for change. As you will discover, Natalie has a penchant for SexTech that should ensure her career and business slides into the future with relative ease and as little trouble as possible. In love yet? You should be. Pay heed and learn a lesson, mortals. This is one Star that shines the brightest of all.

Natalie Star: Out Of This World

Tell us a little about how you got into adult entertainment. What led you into the industry? At what point did it become a reality/viable option for you?

That is a very long story. However, the short of it is that back in 2007 I found myself in a desk job answering phones and processing applications for a webcam modelling agency. I was young, inexperienced, very impressionable, and yet here I was given a script telling new models exactly what it would take to succeed in this industry.

I eventually grew tired of pretending to know everything about something I knew nothing about. However, it took me 2 years and a phone call from a very upset model to get the nerve up to actually get on cam and practice what I had been preaching.

It was at that point that I became Natalie Star.

When did the business aspect of the industry begin to appeal to you?

The more I learned about the industry the more I saw so many models getting Fucked by companies promising them the world. Many times these models were left to sink or swim with hopes of making a few bucks. I remember one model coming to me after being screwed out of $1500. The network did nothing to help her and though I won’t say their name, that company is sadly still placing models on the net today. I wanted to build something solid. Something run by models for the models.

Aside from the obvious factors, how does it differ from performing?

On the business side of things you have to be responsible for; processing applications, 2257 forms, model mentoring, payroll, advertising, etc. All of these things are very meticulous. With this being the Adult Industry and all you have to make sure you cross every T and dot your I’s.

As for performing, although there is nothing easy about what any of us do. I find the performing end of things an outlet or break should I say from my daily business operations.

On cam, I only have to be myself. Being very comfortable with myself both mentally and sexually I have found the performing side of things to be a lot more pleasurable at times then running a business.

The cynical writer in me wants to say it’s easier to get fucked in business than on camera, but does that ring true?

Being a woman in this industry is hard enough. Being a successful business woman in this industry is even harder. Imagine everyone wanting to help you, until they realize that their dick is not on your agenda. I can proudly say that the only person I have had to fuck to get to where I am today is myself!

What are the best and worst parts of working in the industry, from both a performing and business aspect?

On a business aspect you have to be able to deal with multiple personalities on a day to day basis. The typical model ages ranges from 18 to 40 something. Everyone is motivated by something different. In order to make that connection you have to take the time to get to know each model on a personal level.

That’s the biggest problem with the industry today. Many companies forget that the models responsible for their success are human beings just like them.

The best part for me is when a model puts as much time into her job as I have into her. Getting a phone call from a model who just paid cash for her new car is more rewarding at times then words can really express.

As a performer you also have to deal with multiple personalities on a day to day basis. Think about it: daily I entertain individuals from around the world. For me knowing that I can be “That Girl” when they need me is an amazing feeling. For as good as so many of them make me feel knowing that I make them feel the same has it’s own sense of gratification.

However, as a cam model you have to have incredibly thick skin. It’s not always fun and games. You have to control your smiles and cries, because at the end of the day that is all you have that no one can ever take away from you. I would be a liar if I said I have never cried off cam or allowed something someone said to me to stick with me for days.

You must deal with a lot of variety in the requests you receive. What are some of the strangest/most unique you’ve dealt with so far?

You really have no idea! But it is often these requests that I have the most fun with. On the extreme side I have seen everything from sounding to diaper fetish.

As for unique I would have to say it’s the guy who spends hours at a time just getting to know me. Everyone is different and there has to be more to any relationship than just sex.

Plenty of aspects of your life appear to be anchored to the industry. Your website talks of setting up voyeur cams in your shower, home office and cam room…

Voyeur cams are currently being tested as we speak, and I hope to go live by the end of August. It has become a huge technical undertaking. Yet in the end, I believe allowing the members of my site to be able to watch me whenever they want in selected areas of my home provides an experience not only for them, but for me as well.

… but is there time for the ‘real’ Natalie? Or is what we see the real you?

What you see is what you get. I am up every morning at 8 am. My day consists of processing applications, answering emails and calls, hitting the gym, hoping on cam, and getting to bed by 2am with hopes of MAYBE getting a solid 6 hours of sleep if my dog doesn’t wake me up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. When I see people on twitter say ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ I always laugh. I couldn’t tell you the last time I knew what a Friday was. However I believe that success is a choice and not an option. Therefore I choose to succeed.

Given there are multiple strings to your bow, do you ever get the chance to just… well, relax? Or are you somebody who needs the thrill of the chase and the next big idea to keep your motor running?

I believe in pushing the envelope. I am always telling the models let’s add a zero to our numbers. For me to not take my own advice would be hypocritical. I succeed because they succeed.

The gym for me is relaxing, and as I stated earlier, logging on to chat with the guys is an outlet all in it’s own. Now don’t get me wrong, I do make time to play with my dog Achilles and to catch a movie now and then.

You appear to take great pride – and rightly so – in your role as a mentor for those new to camming. Who should we be looking for in terms of potential breakout star, or just those who are great at what they do?

Over the years I have been blessed to work with an amazing group of models. To date Dallas Moore is the model that I am the most proud of. She’s been with me 5 years now and I can honestly say that she is the hardest working model I know.

As for potential break out stars, my payroll is full of them.

What does the future – near and far – hold for Natalie Star, ideally?

I used to think about retiring and cashing out. Last year I even took a year off from being in front of the camera and put 100% of my time into succeeding behind it. After recently getting a book deal (which is due to be made available at the first of the year) I decided to return to cam and continue to build my brand.

As for the future, I do not see cashing out and leaving the industry any time soon.

Where do you think the future of the industry lies?

Teledildonics are the future. Products like Kiiroo are changing the game. With so many toys out there that allow the guys to control how we feel as performers, Kiiroo allows us to give them a realistic, sexual experience safely via Bluetooth technology. In my opinion it is the most innovative sex toy that the industry currently has to offer.

What changes – if any – are needed, and will they be seen at some point in the near future?

With any industry there is always room for improvement. Although many are afraid of change – and I myself at times have been one of the many – change is a necessary factor in evolution.

Whether it’s the product itself or the box it comes in, chances make champions.

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