New Film, In The Flesh, Teaches Us To F*ck Ourselves

More often than not, when told to fuck ourselves, the reaction is pretty adverse. However, In the Flesh, the new adult film from director B. Skow, would have viewers turn the tables on how we hear that proclamation. A pornographic feature with a religious bent, In the Flesh promotes a healthy dose of getting it on with oneself, for the dual purposes of pleasure and cleansing the earth of stigma.

According to a press release, the film is a religious narrative that follows a returned prophetic figure doling out the wisdom of self-fuckery. By doing so, he’s serving to free the world of stigma and shame, and bring about a peaceful age. Of fucking away the very shame that continues to fuel evil across humanity.

The summary of the film, which will be available soon, reads,

“Aman has returned to earth after a break of 2015 years, to try and save humanity from itself one more time. But this time, instead of spreading a message of love and forgiveness, he wants to tell people to go fuck themselves… meaning, he wants to get them to get over their shame of sex, to touch themselves and find the bliss within, to masturbate, to literally “go fuck themselves” and leave their shame behind. Because shame, he believes, is the root cause of all the evil in the world. Especially the shame we ascribe to sex.”

Having only seen the trailer and the release, it’s difficult to make any judgments about the film just yet. What is clear is that the movie advocates for as much sex as humanly and heavenly possible, in a way that washes away feelings of shame so that the world may be freed from the burden of evil.

Also, there’s a whole lot of sex and fun camera angles to elevate Aman’s presence to that of the patron saint of sexy play.

Check out this exclusive trailer and prepare thyself for the most divine adult entertainment you could hope to pray for.

The film is distributed by Skow for Girlfriends, a relatively new partnership between B. Skow’s own production company and Girlfriend Films, and includes performances by Raven Bay and Alec Knight, among many others.

Keep up to date with BaDoink’s coverage of the film for more information about screenings and release dates.

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