Sexapalooza: Day One

I love the 21st century! One minute I’m on the ground, the next I’m in the air. Then I find myself in the third most sexually active city in the nation for the last three years according to Men’s Health, as Sexapalooza proudly boasts on its website.

Perhaps that bodes well for my own sex life while in Columbus, or at least I’ll observe a whole lot of sexiness while at the conference, which I can always use for later. On the plane I was looking at the schedule of the weekend’s offerings, which range from pole dancing and burlesque shows including the Sexapalooza Studs, to product demonstrations, workshops, shopping, a dungeon showcase and sex museum, trying to figure out how I could do and see everything.

I noticed the woman sitting next to me notice the sexy lady printed as a header on the paper; as if an instinct of being caught had taken over, her head jerked back into a forward position. Look, but quickly look away. I looked over and saw she was looking at it from the corners of her eyes. Is the direct gaze too confrontational? Traditionally one has to pay to look at sex full on. So from the corner of our eyes we may view the things which once were forbidden to us. Is sex the last frontier?

Already I felt proud and powerful, like a force of one, to be participating, fighting the good fight, and being part of the fragmented but many individuals struggling not yet as united, not as well organized as the dark side, which seems to want to restrict and rule and enforce their own view point onto everyone else.

Alone as an individual, a pleasure seeker a masturbator, in a world that hands out suffering more often than what we think of as rewards, why not seek pleasure as often as one can, and try and make life as pleasurable as can be. Sex seems a free and easy way to do this, and this weekend I can find it all under the one big roof of the Ohio Expo Center.

It’s always exciting to arrive in an unknown place in the middle of the night. Dark, the plane touches the ground. It’s raining already and a massive snowstorm is predicted that’s supposed to be the blizzard of the century and one has no idea what the next day may bring. The guy at the rental car place tried to upgrade me to a massive four wheel drive monster, convincing me due to the treacherous conditions, but they had run out. So I go for the tiniest little red car instead, which might even be smaller than Ron Jeremy’s schmeckel, whom I’m hoping to interview this weekend.

Sexapalooza: Day One
Our intrepid reporter’s chariot in all of its glory

The young man asked why I had come to this cold climate, business or pleasure? Well, pleasure of course. Indeed, pleasure is my business after all! I tell him I’m here to cover Sexapalooza, a sex conference for, and I see his cheeks develop a slight flush. He quickly recovers. Sex is normal he said, nothing wrong with it, my mom always told me so. Good boy, good mom, great attitude. I handed him my card and off I drove. The adventure begins.

Whichever culprits are to blame, it seems to have become a belief system accepted by many that the general state of the human condition is suffering. “Life’s a bitch” says the bumper sticker. What if we didn’t accept that? What if we didn’t believe that, but believed instead that life is beautiful and full of pleasure? That pleasure is good, sex is good, and to seek it and have it, experience it, receive it and give it were our general state, a state of pleasure.

How profoundly that could change the human condition, our view of sex and how we have sex. Sex for its own sake, for pleasure’s sake. Sexapalooza is one such conference, taking place this weekend, January 30 to February 1; where the view that sex is good and fun and worth exploring in as many ways as one can possibly imagine in an environment that is inclusive and supportive regardless of one’s sexual practice or preference.

I hope this idea gets spread far and wide by everyone attending throughout the 21st century. This weekend human beings will gather without judgement and explore or perhaps simply be titillated to spread the good news; the good news about life and sex. Loving and living it.


  1. It was a pleasure talking with this intrepid reporter – and putting some kinky rope around her on day two.

    I’m glad to be part of fighting the good fight, creating an environment that truly is inclusive and supportive of those seeking to heighten pleasure in sexy ways.

  2. The Metropolitan Cowboy

    Was great meeting and speaking with you at the conference. Enjoyed this article. One point I observed was that attendees still had a lot of hang ups about sex even though they were at a sex convention. Is Columbus appropriately ranked?

    • That makes me sad, but all the more reason to go out into the world and spread a sex positive message, and hope it’s highly contagious!

  3. I was wearing the I heart my penis shirt.