It’s been a persistent cliché since Minority Report was released back in 2002 that the future of computer interfacing would require a Nintendo PowerGlove and floating holograms…

..even 15 years later, that promise of a better more ergonomic approach to navigating software and operating consumer electronics remains science fiction. And let’s be honest, what’s the point of pinching and zooming empty air when you’re wearing a VR headset? Nobody wants to look like a blind conductor when the girlfriend walks in. The future lies in hands-free navigation; it’s as simple as that. Luckily, at BaDoinkVR aren’t in the business of promising innovation, we deliver.


Can’t Touch This!

One of the most annoying things about mobile VR is taking the phone out of the headgear, adjusting settings and putting it back on. And even if you’re one of the lucky guys using a Bluetooth remote (which of course you have to be intimately familiar with in order to use it by touch alone) you’re bound to either lose it in the couch or on your coffee table at some point. That, of course, means taking the headset off after all as you start looking for the missing controller.

We Have The Answer

The answer to this pesky problem lies in an interface that allows you to use your eyesight while at the same time freeing up your hands for more important tasks like lifting beer cans or fumbling Kleenex out of the tissue box. And this is where our brand new VR Theater Mode comes into play. When you open BaDoinkVR on your mobile today, you’ll see a little pink box that prompts you to switch to a more immersive and intuitive HUD. You’ll be able to control pretty much anything just by using your head. With our newly implemented technology removing the phone from your headset finally becomes a thing of the past.


Use The Force Luke

BaDoinkVR has designed a cool new menu structure that’s clean and simple enough to operate just by looking at it. A floating cursor that is controlled by your device’s head-tracking tech allows you to browse the video archive, hop across menu items as well as play and pause videos. It’s a completely re-vamped hands-free viewing experience that eliminates the hassle of clumsily manipulating hardware. Simply start streaming your favorite scene. Theater Mode works right out of the box; there’s nothing to download or install. The new interface is currently running in Beta while we’re busy ironing out the last few glitches.

Let's Talk About It!

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