There’s a whole pile of drugs out there other than the usual suspects; some of them you know, others are just nuts. Nutmegs in fact!

1. Nutmeg

This common kitchen spice is actually a super crazy hallucinogen with many terrible side effects, both mental and physical.

2. Human Growth Hormone

It’ll make parts of your body swell crazily, leaving you looking like the Bond villain Jaws (dude actually had acromegaly).

3. Rimonabantyeah

Created as a counterdrug to marijuana, it takes away the munchies but leaves the user super sad and tending toward suicidal.

4. 24-Dinitrophenol

DNP allows you to eat all the food you want, but turns your body into a hellish oven, burning your insides to fatal results.

5. Krokodil

It may seem like heroin, but it’ll actually turn you into a writing, reptilian-skinned husk of sadness.

6. Carbogen

Carbon dioxide and oxygen mixed together in a weirdly chill, gassy cocktail.

7. Ayahuasca

Produced from a South American vine, this ridiculous hallucinogen will also make you explode from both ends (but apparently Courtney Love digs it).

8. Benzo Fury

It’s for research, so even though people have died from this hallucinogen, it’s strangely legal.

9. Diisopropyltryptamine

It’s an hallucinogen that makes your sense of hearing all whacked out. Music lovers rejoice!

10. Anafranil

It induces an orgasm every time you yawn? I have a hard time believing it, but weird and awesome!


  1. Krokodil looks fu*kin nasty. Real Russian drug.

  2. Zoë Standish Herman

    Krokodil looks so sad 🙁