10 GIFS That Are Sure to Turn You On

I gotta say, I’ve kinda gone off regular porn. I know. Shocking. The last porn clip I watched was a yoga fantasy porn. I get it, hot girls in tight, see-through yoga pants, bending over. I was excited to watch it. But then, I watched it and it was the most depressing, non-erotic piece of nothing I’ve seen. Like seriously guys. It’s like they picked random, really young looking girls and told them, just do some yoga like movements – which resulted in the most hilarious bit of awkward stretching trying to pass itself off as yoga e-ver. Then this dude walks in, some patting ensues and some even more awkward sex. It was a boner killer for sure. And I was over it. Over it, you guys! Give me some hot fucking or give me… GIFs!

Yeah, I’ve discovered a new passion. Thank God for some people who take the trouble to make these little clips of hot awesomeness. If you’ve never thought about getting off on a GIF, I’ve compiled a few here to get you started. Honestly, it’s like they get the best bits and put it there so you can watch it over and over. Yum! Let’s do this, get ready!

Erotic neck rubs


There is just so much pleasure in this! A nice tender neck caress feels awesome.

The hair tousle


Sometimes you just can’t hold back…

The back rub


Who doesn’t like a nice soft caress?

The cheekiness


The moment you know it’s going to end with sex… 😉

Taking it off


That moment her bra comes off…

Car sex. Yes!


We’ve all done it!

The tease


When she’s just touched herself and lets you taste her.

The kiss full of desire


When things are definitely getting hotter, you can barely contain yourself.

The snuggle


When you want to get closer…

Look of desire


That look and you know you’re having a good time.

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