Cyber Monday has quickly become one of the most important and money-spinning promotions on the retail calendar. Its appeal is fairly obvious: why drag yourselves out into the cold, probably still recovering from death by turkey, to be barged around by the usual rogues’ gallery of demented bargain hunters? Why not just get up, keep your pyjamas on, and with a few clicks…hey presto! You’ve gotcha self some great deals!

But the Internet is like the Wild West at the best of times. Even more so when it comes to retail outlets trying to extract those dollars from your pocket, so it’s times like these where you might need a little help.  As luck would have it, BaDoink is here to point you towards some of best bargains to be found on this most modern of shopping days, and because we’re very nice people we’ll tell you the best buys for him, for her and for couples who may have a few other ideas in mind over the festive season!

Let’s start with gifts for the guys first… 

Samsung 55” 4K Ultra HD 2160p 240hz LED HDTV (Walmart)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Guys

Walmart have set up their stall early this year and publicized a number of fantastic deals for you to get your teeth into for Cyber Monday 2014. They’ve slashed the price of this top-of-the-range TV from $1,499.99 by a third to the much more agreeable price of $998. This baby gives you super-powered HD that’s a massive FOUR TIMES more powerful than your standard HDTV. It looks as if the lines between reality and fiction are closer than ever! This product is perfect for those times when you just want to slob out on the couch and catch a game or two.

PS4 bundle – LEGO Batman 3, Little Big Planet 3 with choice of extra game and controller (Walmart)

At the very agreeable price of $499, Walmart are practically giving away this sexy little bundle of gaming goods. As well as getting hold of the latest in the mega-selling LEGO Batman franchise, you’ll be able to scour a distorted new universe in Little Big Planet 3. To round things off, you can customize things with your choice of extra game and controller. Allied with the new TV you might potentially buy, and the ultimate gaming set-up could soon be yours!

Shaver For Your Balls (Shop In Private)


No subtly here, as Shaver For Your Balls does exactly what it says in the name! Tired of your partner having a crotch like Bigfoot? Rather see it all smooth instead? Then look no further than this handy little gadget which is going for a song on Cyber Monday. Now instead of feeling like you’ve dropped a couple of potatoes under the couch so they’re all covered in hair and fluff, they’ll feel like a brand new bag of marbles! Or don’t you have the balls to take a razor down there…?

Inspiron Desktop (Dell Online)


Sure, laptops and tablets are where it’s at for most people these days, but let’s not discount the good, reliable and trusty desktop computer. For those of you who work from home, love to camp out and play the latest games or simply want to browse your favorite sites, then this deal is perfect for you. For the low, low price of $399, you get a 4th gen Intel Core i3 Processor, Windows 8.1 as the OS and a rather attractive 8gb of memory with 1tb of disk space. You want something big and powerful? Here’s your chance!

30% of all shoes (Cole Haan)

You’ll probably need to do a lot of walking to lose some of the calories from the decadent weekend you’ll have just experienced, so why not do it in style? Those lovely little geniuses at Cole Haan are offering customers a fantastic 30% off any single style of men’s shoe. We suggest going with these super smart Original Grand Long Wingtip. Combining a classic style with well-defined textures, these bad boys can be paired with office wear or a more laid-back smart-casual affair. All you need to do is enter CYBER30 when making your purchase and this great offer is yours. Get them while they’re hot, guys!

VIRB Elite Action Camera (Clever Training)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Guys

The perfect product for both the experienced and budding outdoorsman and/or fitness fanatic, the Elite Action Camera will follow your every step, jump, ride, climb and whatever the hell else you want to get up to. Boasting up to three hours of battery life at 1080p, multiple HD video modes, a range of shooting styles, easy-to-use interface and waterproof, this little wonder will be there every step of the way. It’s the perfect gift for somebody looking to display their fitness regimes, their locale or even just anything of interest. A snip at $99.99, this could be somebody’s new best friend.

26″ Mongoose Beast Men’s All-Terrain Fat Tire Mountain Bike (Walmart)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Guys

This might be the perfect gift to accompany the Elite Action Camera! This beast of a bike will put up with all kinds of treatment and still be up to the task. With a rigid steel frame and tires that wouldn’t look out of place on a monster truck, this thing might end up outlasting you! At a cool $159 for Cyber Monday, this is one deal you wheely can’t afford to miss (sorry!).

Kindle Fire HD 7” 8GB Table (Staples)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Guys

To a lot of people, books have become a little passé. Gone are the days when a simple paperback was enough to get the imagination cylinders firing. Now public transports and sun loungers nationwide are occupied by men, women and children getting their reading fix from a tablet like Kindle Fire’s high quality piece of kit. At a knockdown price of $89, you’ll be amazed by its 8GB of internal storage, with 1GB of RAM, front and rear facing cameras, fast quad-core processor up to 1.5 GHz and its 7” HD touchscreen. Read, play, watch movies…it might even cook you breakfast if you ask it nicely enough!

NewAir 5,600 Watt Garage Heater (Air & Water)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Guys

We all know a lotta guys just love tinkering with something or other in the garage. Could be a new car you’re desperate to keep clean, an old car you’re determined to fix up or just some good old ill-advised and potentially life-threatening DIY! As we slide deep into the heart of winter, the cruelest mistress of all, what better way to keep warm than with this powerful machine for $130 with a heat radius of 560 square feet. Yes it looks a lot like a guitar amp, but turn this one up to 11 and you’ll be toasty and warm while you smack your thumbs with a hammer or wrench. But not too warm, as this heater is smart enough to turn itself off when it senses overheating. He might never leave the garage! Besides, ladies…it gets him out of the house and active, right?

Camo Underwear 5-Pack (GAP)

Little boys love playing soldiers, and that desire very rarely goes away even into adulthood. Leave a man in a room alone with a remote control and given enough time will probably begin blasting away imaginary enemies with his new ‘gun’. What better way to indulge these silly fantasies than by getting him these smart camouflage briefs. If your man is anything like me, some pairs will go missing within days, so this pack of five may last a little longer than usual! At $18.99 it’s a fair price to let him think he’s leading the platoon.

Part 2 of our Cyber Monday buyers’ guide will focus on gifts for the girls!

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