Welcome back to BaDoink’s Cyber Monday guide! We hope our ‘gifts for the guys’ suggestions gave you some great ideas, but for now, let’s focus on the fairer sex. What DO women want? The same as men – things that inspire and make them happy. Pretty simple when you get down to it, isn’t it?

So, without any further delay, let us tell you about some of the best gifts for girls that will be available on Cyber Monday!

Double Infinity Pendant with Diamond Accents in Sterling Silver with Chain (Netaya)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Women

We’re told that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and this precious silver pendant is full to the brim with them. Netaya seem to have gone a little crazy this year and have lopped off a massive 73% on this unique and beautiful pendant. For a laughably low $30 you can give your better half one of the biggest smiles in the USA when she sees her reflection in this. With an 18” chain, a diamond clarity of 13 and a nice and even eight diamonds adorning it, this could be the bargain of the year. Don’t miss out!

50% of all Harry Josh hair styling products (Hair Envy)

Hair Envy are so determined to catch your attention this Cyber Monday that they’ve decided to rip half off of all hair styling products. So which product are you to go for? A high-quality set of styling irons at an agreeable price are usually very hard to find. Hey, you get what you pay for. Not content with giving you a set that offers advanced digital technology for a quick heat-up time and plates that provide even heat distribution AND emission of negative ions to smooth and hydrate hair, Hair Envy have dragged the price down from $250 to a much more manageable $125.

Chili Dot Roxie Heels (Joie)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Women

We could sit here and make terrible puns about how these shoes would be perfect for your solemate, but we’re bigger and better than that! In all seriousness though, these slinky, sexy Roxie Heels are the perfect footwear for all those festive parties you’ll doubtless be invited to. Packing a 3.7 inch heel, adjustable toe and ankle straps as well as a leather snakeskin insole, this dangerously good looking pair of heels work well with summer and winter clothes. With Joie offering customers a 25% reduction for Cyber Monday, it might just be time to get your strut on!

Refurbished Canon T5i DSLR & Lens

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Women

Photography is a fantastic and rewarding hobby to have, but the most common complaint from amateurs or people with a passing interest is that getting started with a good quality camera can be crazy expensive. Luckily, Canon appear to understand this problem and have brought down their T5i DSLR to a much more acceptable $509. Not only is it small and practical enough to take away on holiday with you, but it’s perfect to capture those family moments over the season. We always want a good photo of Grandma or Grandpa sleeping off a big meal in their comfortable chair, don’t we?

Nintendo Wii U four game bundle (Best Buy)

Nintendo have been a brand of immense quality for decades and have positioned themselves as one of the most recognizable and trustworthy brands across the world, and this cute little package deal will have you jumping for joy like everybody’s favorite Italian plumber. This bundle includes Super Mario World 3D, Nintendo Land, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and the forever hectic and amazing Super Smash Bros. With streaming options and ‘net access, this is the perfect gift for a noisy girl’s night in thanks to the Wii’s preference for multiplayers modes. Use the offer code WIIUDEAL when purchasing to knock this little gem down to $359.97 on Cyber Monday.

Beats by Dre Over-The-Ear Headphones (Best Buy)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Women

Beats headphones have quickly become something of a phenomenon for music-lovers everywhere. By giving you adaptive noise-cancelling, the Beats Acoustic Engine, sound isolation and rechargeable batteries, they are the perfect companion for any situation; exercise, travel, walks or those days when you just want to sit by yourself and become immersed in some addictive sounds. By using the code STUDIODEAL you’ll knock an incredible $100 off the retail price. It’s time to turn on, tune in and drop out in style.

Aphrodite Massager (Libiba)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Women

Speaking of getting some quiet time alone, this little guy will be able to wake you up in the morning or lull you into a deep sleep. Endorsed by celebrity sex educator Dr Laura Berman, the Aphrodite Massager is cordless, coming with three interchangeable silicone sleeves for a wide variety of pleasurable sensations. For an added bonus, it emits low heat waves to aid in blood flow and getting you hot under the collar. At $69.99, this could be the best gift you get your lover all year.

Apple 13.3” MacBook Air Notebook (B&H)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Women

This ultraportable and lightweight computer weighs in at a startlingly low 2.96lbs. Don’t think that it means Apple have cut back on processing power though; with a 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 Dual-Core processor and 4GB of RAM, it can still go toe-to-toe with the rest of the marketplace. Saving you the hassle of having the drag a heavy-duty laptop around with you, this Notebook is perhaps one of the most convenient and trouble-free computers Apple have launched. Coming with a host of creative applications that will help you edit home movies, photos and even create your own music with GarageBand, it’s the perfect present for somebody who wants learn, explore and grow.

Nike Dart 10 Running Shoes (Kohl’s)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Women

Just as we encouraged the men to get off their asses and get some exercise after the traditional turkey blowout, these Nike running shoes are 50% for Cyber Monday. We can picture it now: Beats headphones and running shoes that offer comfort and ventilation. You might go for a run and never come back! With 50% to pull the price down to $30, you’d be crazy to miss this opportunity to buy these for the love of your life (or the love of this week, we won’t judge!).

Movado Women’s Rondiro watch (Ashford)

10 Great Cyber Monday Ideas For Women

Sometimes an offer comes along that makes you do a double-take. Movado have knocked an incredible $800.65 (!!!) off this quality silver watch. Nowadays our phones, computers, TV and even fridges can give us the time, but the feel of cold, smooth silver at a knockdown price is enough to melt anybody’s heart, even in this cold weather. Come on guys, the clock’s ticking…get in there fast!

Part three will give you hints and tips on what every couple shouldn’t go without over the season!

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