These are in no particular order but if you have not read the books or seen the TV show, please stop reading. 

Joer Mormont: The Old Bear, dead! He was a fierce Lord Commander and I mean that in the truest form of the word. Not the bastardized version we have today. The Watch after his death is in disarray. What will happen with them? Keep reading and find out!

Viserys Targaryan: I cringed at his death but I also rooted for it. He was such a little bitch the whole time. Don’t even get me started on the incestuous overtones between him and Daenerys. He wanted his crown so bad that Drogo gave it to him and gave it to him good. Never cross a horse lord.

Catlyn and Robb Stark: I still gasp while watching this. It was this scene that made me speed up my reading of the books so I can mentally prepare myself for what I would be watching on the screen. Two of the main characters of the show for three seasons killed in one seven-minute scene. George RR, you’re one mean man.

Oberyn Martell: The newest addition to this list. He just died last week for me. I thought he was one of the more interesting characters on the show but truth be told he had one objective. Where would the character go from there? Too much hubris can get your eyes plucked out and your head smashed in.

Lysa Arryn: Bitch be cray cray. From the moment she entered the TV show she was just slightly off. She’s the crazy aunt that gets really drunk and inappropriate at holiday gatherings. That slimy Littlefinger had her wrapped around his little… finger. What a way to die! Have the love of your life tell you he’s always loved your sister and then get pushed out of the Moon Door. Again… Cray cray.

Joffery Baratheon or should I say Lannister: When I think of his death the song “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago plays in my head. “He had it coming. He had it coming. He only had himself to blame.” This little turd really did have it coming. He had no allies except his mother and grandfather. He was another crazy bitch who did terrible things.

Renly Baratheon: So, he had no real claim to the Iron Throne but I just wanted the best for Renly and Loras. Couldn’t they just live happily ever after in Hells Kitchen working the toned bodies at David Barton gym, getting a French bulldog, and going to their rental on Fire Island in the summer. I weep for Loras more than anyone.

Khal Drogo: This was a mercy killing through and through. The pain Dany was going through to end the life of her beloved. I’ve only read the first three books but maybe one day the sun rises in the west and sets in the east and Khal Drogo will come back. This was an emotionally draining death for me, and one that changed Dany’s character.

Maester Luwin: Another very emotional loss for me. He was the moral compass for Bran and Rickon. His death affected them greatly. His touching speech shows how much he loved the Stark boys. Osha gave the gift of a mercy killing to put him out of his pain. Maester Luwin, you will be missed.

Eddard Stark: I’ll call this one the chop heard ’round the world. Even though people who have read the books knew it was coming, the vast majority of us who were only introduced to this world through the TV show were shocked. Sean Bean. SEAN BEAN. This was the death that started it all. I should have known then to read ahead of the TV and prepare. I’m wiser for that now, however scarred I am.

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