This list may inspire controversy, but so did they! Also, I only left Putin off the list cause he is still nightmarishly trending!

1. William “Boss” Tweed

Boss Tweed, the Tammany Hall scoundrel, reportedly stole between $40 and $200 million from the taxpayers of New York in the 1850s.

2. Fulgencio Batista

In the mid 20th century, Batista turned Havana in Cuba into a drug port, having allied with the mafia boss Meyer Lansky, and made himself a gross pile of money.

3. Spiro Agnew

Nixon’s VP and supporter of “The Silent Majority,” he was responsible for lots of tax fraud and extortion, and he was caught accepting a whole bucket load of bribes.

4. Nicolae Ceauşescu

After borrowing over $13 billion from Western countries and exporting production, he brought poverty to Romania but still put out promotional material of lavish living (that hardly existed).

5. Huey Long

The “Kingfish” of Louisiana in the 20s and 30s, this governor bought votes, intimidated folks by firing members of their families, tried to tax newspapers that wrote stuff about him, and almost destroyed local government.

6. Mohamed Suharto

His 30-year presidency of Indonesia was filled with human rights violations and suppression; he was found to have embezzled between $15 and $35 dollars.

7. Joseph Stalin

In 1932, this bad dude initiated the Holodomor (an engineered famine) in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine, just one of his ridiculously awful crimes against humanity.

8. Ferdinand Marcos

During his time in power in the Philippines, Marcos collected the wealth of the country and handed it to friends, family, and then tried to flee the country with bags and bags of the nation’s gold. The country is still paying for his corruption.

9. Mobutu Sese Seko

This Zaire dictator made himself a handsome fortune while devaluing the currency, letting the country slip into poverty, and publicly hanging people.

10. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld

The dream team (they probably thought so, at least) behind the War on Terror, lots of missing duckets, and a relentlessly bad image of the USA.

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  1. all of them are cheating politicians yes, but some of them fall straight into the category of pure evil