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When it comes to sex, humanity can get pretty depraved. It seems there is no line we won’t cross in order to get off. But hey! Here at BaDoink, we don’t judge, we provide guidance. We are in support of your pleasure. So we’ve created a handy guide to the more ‘common’ sexual practices (obviously we’re using the word ‘common’ loosely) amongst the hundreds out there. Welcome to the dark side:


Transvestic Fetishism

You know, when you get hot and heavy when you put on your girlfriend’s knickers. It doesn’t mean that you have a gender identity problem. Just that sheer stockings turn you on – when you’re wearing them.


The perv’ round the corner who’s always flashing your girlfriend as she walks past? Yep! He is into exhibitionism. An exhibitionist gets off by doing sexual things in public or just randomly flashing people. It’s all fine and good but remember not every girl wants to see your willy.


There’s probably a little bit of a voyeur in everyone! But not every bit of voyeurism takes it to David Lynch’s Blue Velvet heights. Simple ol’ Peeping Toms are also voyeurs. Anyone who gets excited spying on someone who is naked, having sex, changing, etc., etc. is a voyeur.


A little bit of voyeurism, a little bit of exhibitionism! Dogging is having sex outdoors – like in a park or car park, but in or around a car. You know what I mean? It’s when two people (or group of people) get together to have consensual sex in public.

foor fetishFeet Fetish

Remember that scene in Sex and the City where Carrie gets free, expensive shoes in exchange for letting the salesman touch her feet? No, I suppose you don’t… but it did happen, and that my friend is a serious foot fetish! Though not all foot fetishism ends with someone getting free shoes. Foot-fetishists typically get turned on by feet and/or footwear.


Usually associated with drunken Japanese men in a karaoke room, Bukake is a group sex practice of ejaculating on a woman’s face. It’s also a porn genre!


One of the ‘milder’ and more acceptable sexual practices in society. Almost everyone is up for a little light spanking. However spanking can also include the usage of toys such as whips, paddles and even a cat o nine.


Bring on the furry cuffs! Bondage is the B in BDSM; however don’t confuse good ol’ tying a person up with sadomasochism. Bondage is an end to itself – using ropes, cuffs, tape and other restraints to bind a person for the sexual pleasure of both parties involved.


Ah, erotic strangulation. The act of almost strangling yourself just as you are about to orgasm! Be careful though, don’t try it alone… you might just accidentally kill yourself!

Golden Showers / Watersports

Every card carrying, red-blooded male will have heard of this one. Golden showers have to do with peeing and not actual showers that are made of gold. If you like to be peed on, peeing on someone, smelling/hearing pee – anything to do with this golden liquid – well my friend, you’re into watersports!

We know that everyone isn’t into vanilla sex and hopefully this little handy list will either calm you down (knowing that you’re not alone or weird) or encourage you to get a little sprinkle in your sex making! Enjoy!

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