Here are my top 10 ways to be a great best man at a wedding. You can thank me later…

1. Make sure the groom is as sober as he was drunk during that super awesome bachelor party you organized for him.


2. Watch for signs of crushing paranoia on the part of the groom and assuage commitment fears.

3. Ensure at least one hook up with a bridesmaid (for yourself), so you can give mad high fives to the groom.

4. Remind, strategically, how the groom has the hottest wife (this is forever).

5. Avoid, though, sparking the “rest of your life” discussion because that could lead to cold feet.

6. Prepare a killer best man speech, but also have some backup sweet things to say if your groom inevitably writes terrible, terrible vows.

7. Know that, in a pinch, the bride overrules the groom (it’s her day, then it’s his day).

8. Don’t be afraid to hug it out (it’s a wedding, after all).

9. Research wedding catastrophes online and have backup plans for those eventualities (that one episode of How I Met Your Mother is a good baseline).

10. Finally, be supportive, and make sure this wedding is the wedding to end all weddings.

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