You may be asking yourself, “What’s an Buffalaxed song?” It is a song in another language that is misheard as lyrics in English. An example would be the song “I got the power,” which in Germany is hard as “Agathe Bauer.” This is the term for those songs in Germany.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Fashion Monster
So Fashion Monster becomes Pass Your Mom’s Dog. The video itself is pretty cool. Something like a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Nightmare Before Christmas. Notable lyrics include “yellow anal in bed,” “God knew my mother is bi,” and “gave me my salt audition.” These lyrics make perfect sense in English.

My Heart Will Go On (The Tagalog Version)
I laughed through this whole song. If I could post all the lyrics, I would but I’ll just post my favorites. “We’re not gay, dumb boy. Guy… told the Lord,” “Willow peed, my lawyer,” and “a lamb cannot pursue eye.” The last one is what “My heart will go on” sounds like in Tagalog. If you look at this text it’s very racist and homophobic.

Mongolian Song – Dr. Fey
I’ll just start off with one of the first lyrics in this song, “He’d say bitch, ima cook your face.” I mean, come on. That’s lyrical gold right there. It might be topped by this nugget of brilliance “But I’ll shit garbage on your face.” To me this song seems to be about domestic abuse. What do you think?

Golimar Indian Thriller
This is an almost absolute copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, however, I would say this is a weak rip-off. I’m assuming Golimar is misheard as “Girly-Man”. My favorite lyric was “I’ll eat wasabi on my dude.” I know that’s how my boyfriend and I like to eat our wasabi.

Sant Sea Hat
I’m not quite sure what to make of this Japanese song. The video seems to just go along with that the lyrics sound like in English. “Penis shoots a phantom juice.” That sounds like you should go to the doctor to get that checked out. Last time that happened to me, I had to get a shot.

Nordmen – Du Behover
This is some JRR Tolkien shit right here. There be goblins and wizards. “Time for fake asses stack that only kittens can do,” What the what? “Schlong it’s got bouillon today.” I’d be worried if my schlong has got bouillon today, yesterday or in the future… unless it’s a euphemism for semen. That’s ok then.

Taeyang – Wedding Dress
“Amu, don’t murder gay mom.” Listen Amu, I don’t know who you think you are, trying to murder gay mom but stop. It’s wrong and it’s homophobic. Amu, I hope you learn your lesson one day and accept everyone with love and kindness. I’ll pray that you also learn to open your heart.

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby
I found this video instructional. With lyrics like “Mammal, you’re a rat,” It can teach kids what mammals are. I propose that we use videos such as this in the classroom to teach kids about the animal kingdom. They might mistake a rat for a reptile and that would be un-American.

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
I can only imagine that this song is about gay sex with the first lyric being “Dick is in my hole, dick is in my hole” and subsequent lyrics being “All began there, tongue on a gay one.” This video also has N’Sync overtones. Does anyone else feel that? Anyone?

Ole Ivars – Nei så tjukk du har blit t- “Shoot through a brit.”
This song is asking you to shoot British people but in a fun family friendly way. Very reminiscent of the 70s or 80s. “My mother peed on the truck on the lid.” Hmmm, the mind reels. This guy wants to shoot people and his mother pees on things. Sounds like they need family counselling.

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