100% In 20 Minutes - Exploding Kittens Most Funded Kickstarter Project

I do love a good success story! And when it comes to a good success story, this one is fuckin’ fabulous. As a long time fan of famed Internet cartoonist, Matthew Inman aka The Oatmeal, I’ve followed all his exploits online and his successful crowdfunding campaigns. I love this man and want to have his babies.

Right. Back to the point.

So when he launched his new project Exploding Kittens I was super excited. I mean he had me at ‘Exploding’. And I’m pretty sure that I am not Inman’s only fan. In fact, I am 100% certain I am not. Proof being 20 minutes after he launched his Kickstarter campaign for Exploding Kittens, it was 100% funded. Less than 1 hour in, it was 1000% funded. He has now raised over $4 million and there’s still 22 days left.

Ladies and gentleman, this might just be the most loved man on the Internet.

This campaign had kicked off other biggies like Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure, the movie version of Veronica Mars and even the return of the Reading Rainbow to take top spot.

Check out how this game works:

And the Exploding Kittens team, consisting of Elan Lee, Shane Small and Inman are not oblivious to their success, “You wonderful people have come together to form the largest community in Kickstarter history, and the numbers keep rising,” they wrote in a blog post. “Thank you backers, you are the mostestest.”

Working together, Inman provided the illustrations while the game was primarily designed by Lee and Small who’ve had experience in the industry from working on the Xbox team. Cards Against Humanity might just have some stiff competition from the new game that is blowing up in the market. *chuckle*

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