So I’ve been busy writing about all the amazing fitness apps out there, and today I’m gonna cover some really good fitness tracking websites. It might be enough for you to just use an app (and that’s totally ok) but for some of us we like the combo of app and website (or maybe you just don’t have a smartphone) to keep us motivated. There is no wrong way but either way, here’s 5 best fitness tracking websites to keep you going:


Well, well, well, what is this? My favorite fitness tracking app also has a website? Could it get more awesome? Yes it can. Other than the obvious linking of accounts, MyFitnessPal website also has a large community of people who are eager and waiting to help each other hit their dietary and fitness goal, calorie and workout tracking and report generation. That said, in comparison to other websites out there, there are better fitness tracking websites on the scene. I think that the app is great, but the website just doesn’t quite cut it when compared to more established ones on the market. However, if you’re looking for a great way to combine the app and the website, then this is good enough. It even allows you to blog your journey and join challenges created by other members.

3 Best Fitness Tracking Websites


So this here is the big mama of fitness tracking websites. I dare say that it could even be my favorite website. With a thriving community and numerous tools to help keep you on track, SparkPeople has a long list of testimonials from people who have succeeded in losing weight using their services. If you don’t want to have to think up meals, then the site also offers free meal plans and workouts to take the pain out the process – so you all you have to do is focus on showing up. It comes as no surprise that the website is chock full of people who are willing to help you out on your journey, offer advice or just plain support your process. There is so much more to SparkPeople so take the time to explore the site. The one complaint I had was the sheer clunkiness of a site so full of features such as this. It was quite a bit of pain to navigate and log information so in the end I stopped using it. However, SparkPeople also have smartphone apps so perhaps it will be easier to sync all the info.

3 Best Fitness Tracking Websites


Another relative ‘newcomer’ on the scene but one that has quickly risen up the ranks – probably because this site is backed by the popular Tim Ferriss. The best thing about the site in my opinion is the plethora of video workouts that you can subscribe to for a mere $10/month. You can create personalized goals and the site creates programs that can help you keep on track. Not only that they have a host of apps to help you track your nutrition, snap photos of your food, log workouts and much more. All in all a pretty well rounded website.

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