Let’s not kid ourselves, women aren’t the only ones worrying about aging anymore. With the male skincare range growing yearly, men are becoming just as concerned about their appearance as women. With that in mind, I bring you the 5 foods that slow down the aging process. Because good eating habits will not only keep you healthy, but will also help with the aging process.


3 Foods That Can Slow The Aging Process

Thought I’d start with something encouraging as this list is going to be filled with food your mama had to bribe you to eat as a child. Blueberries are not only yummy but they are also high on the list of superfoods packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Your body needs antioxidants to help neutralize the damage done by free radicals. What are free radicals? They’re molecules with unpaired electrons and they occur naturally, meaning there isn’t anything you can do to stop them.

Now why are we getting our feathers ruffled over free radicals? Because these unpaired electrons just scurry around our body scavenging our cells for their missing electron. All this scavenging in the long run causes a lot of problems and can lead to dementia, cancer and heart disease. When we’re younger our body has it’s own defense mechanism called superoxide dismutase (SOD) but it stops working as well as we grow older. So yeah, antioxidants are pretty damn important.

Aside from that a study by Tufts University reports that blueberries also help reverse memory loss. Other benefits include, reducing cholesterol levels, improving your vision and health of your eyes, preventing heart disease and more. So much goodness in one little berry. However while the blueberry is low in sugar, you still don’t want to overdo eating them, because all that sugar can add up and upset your insulin levels.

Leafy Greens

3 Foods That Can Slow The Aging Process

Oh yum yum, I bet this is just what you want to hear! But as much as you hate admitting it, leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, romaine lettuce and collard greens are jam packed with goodness. Let’s start with the humble spinach. Popeye got it right when he would wolf down cans of it. The little vegetable alone may improve your short-term memory loss, lower your risk of heart disease and prevent you from getting cancer.

Spinach and kale (the current most loved vegetable by health freaks on the market) are packed with beta carotene and vitamin C. More so than the famous orange (and oranges are really high in sugar – again, too much sugar can upset your insulin balance, which is another cause of aging. So you might not want to eat too many).

These vegetables also contain Vitamin K1, which is necessary for blood clotting, strong bones and regulating the all important insulin and blood sugar levels.


3 Foods That Can Slow The Aging Process

And finally we come to broccoli. Unlike kale, broccoli has never been a popular vegetable. No one decides to eat broccoli chips after yoga class, although I can’t imagine why, considering just how good broccoli is for you! Oh yeah, the taste… and it can smell nasty when you’re cooking it. I might not be selling broccoli very well here. Hear me out. In broccoli we have another antioxidant rich vegetable that can help heal and prevent diseases.

Broccoli has a high amount of isothiocyanates, a cancer-fighting compound. In fact it has the highest amount in all the crunchy vegetables out there. So this means it is especially good in reducing your risk of getting bladder, breast, lung and prostate cancer – all the cancers going wild in our world today.

Good news is, you don’t even have to eat a lot of it. Just two to three spears is good enough. Another good piece of news (probably) is that you can throw all the three things I’ve mentioned here into the blender and make a yummy green juice and get all your nutrients in one glass. Good luck guys!

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