The holidays are upon us again and it’s gift giving time. I take gift buying very seriously, in fact it’s a challenge to buy the perfect gift for someone. I’m a huge fan of themed gift giving. Whether it’s a relaxation kit I put together or a get over her box set, I prefer (giving and receiving) thoughtful gifts that you can actually use and enjoy than just a bottle of perfume (unless they asked for a bottle of perfume of course) or something like that. Here’s my guide to 5 great gifts to buy her this holiday season:

xmas gifts for her

A holiday with you
I never tire of this gift. Whether it’s a wine tour, food destination or the beach, holidays are awesome! I would suggest taking her for a specific type of holiday not just to a hotel. If she likes art take her to a city with lots of art and sign up for some local museum tours, go for a play, take a pottery class together etc. If she likes wine, go on a wine tour, you get the picture. It shows you know her interests and respect and encourage them.

Sign her up for a class she really wants
A friend of mine really wanted to be a yoga instructor so as a present her man signed her up for a Yoga Teacher Training course. He gave it to her along with a new yoga mat and a gift certificate from Lululemon. She was beyond ecstatic. This gift might be tricky. Please don’t sign her up for a gym membership. However if she’s already in the gym and has been wanting a personal trainer, that’s a good gift. But then again, women can get really sensitive about the whole gym thing, so I’d stay away from there. Make sure you sign her up for classes she actually really wants and not just mentioned in passing.

Go electronic
If she’s an avid reader, I’m sure she’ll enjoy a Kindle. Give it to her loaded with a few of her favorite books and some news ones or with an Amazon gift card. Or if you want to take it up a notch, get her an iPad mini. If she’s an avid runner or loves to workout, perhaps an iPod touch loaded with her favorite songs and some running apps. There are loads of other electronics in the market that will cater to her needs. Just make sure you don’t buy her something that you secretly want and then you end up using it more than her!

Remember, your gift needs to be from the heart, so if the gifts above seem expensive, then give her something that shows you’ve been paying attention and care about her! Have a happy holiday.

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