3 Great Games For Your Tablet

Hope you ushered in the new year with as much fun and relish as we did here at BaDoink and not that I’m encouraging you to start playing games first thing in the new year, but I’ve got three great games that you should have on your tablet… Right… Now!

The even better news is that these games give the ol’ noggin a good workout, so really, you’re doing yourself a favor by playing them. Sure most of these games cost a few pennies (or dollars) but they’re just so much fun to play that I’m sure it’s worth it.

Monument Valley

If you download Monument Valley only so you can look at the beautiful graphics, I totally understand, because this game is gorgeous. Available for iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire, this game is a pleasure to play. Follow the silent princess on her adventure through the strange geometric land where she solves puzzles and get pulled in – seriously, tell me you don’t feel for that cute, yellow, totem pole – and involved, even in the silence. The only flaw in the game being that it is too short. Hopefully they’ll release something soon to quench my Monument Valley thirst.

The Room Two

If you were hooked on The Room as I was, then I’m sure you’re going to totally enjoy The Room Two. More true to its name this time around the game places you inside different rooms (instead of just a ‘table’ in Room One) where you have to solve puzzles in order to move on to the next room. The puzzles are more challenging this time around with more layers and depth as you move from room to room. It is also slightly longer than the first game so you feel a little more value for money (and lots more fun) as you play. Also available on all three platforms, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.


Finally we have Machinarium, a game originally designed for the PC and Mac but now also available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Yet another puzzle game (I might have a thing for puzzle games here) this time around we follow our friendly robot on a mission to get his girlfriend back and save the city after it gets exiled. A much more minimalist game without many hints (only one hint is given per situation) so there is a lot of logic, collecting and combining found items and just plain sleuthing involved in order to solve each puzzle to move on to the next level. Sure to get ye ol’ brain cells a good workout.

These three games might not seem like much, but trust me when I say that it’ll give a few hours (perhaps a little more for Machinarium) of fun, all the while training your brain in problem solving skills. Win-win I say! Happy New Year peeps!

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