Breakfast seems to be one of those meals that people can’t seem to agree if we should eat or not. Have breakfast, don’t have breakfast, eat within 30 minutes, don’t eat till you’re done working out. So many opinions on the first meal of the day! What everyone seems to want though is energy in the mornings. What better way to get that than to have a delicious, high-energy meal to start the day? We’ve compiled some yummy recipes from around the net to get your day started!

High Energy Shake
Image from the National Cancer Institute

Spinach, ham and eggs omelet (above)
Eggs are my favorite go to food. They’ve somehow gotten a bad rep, but they’re also a great source of protein. Throw in some spinach and cheese, and you’ve got yourself a great morning omelet! This meal will fuel your morning and last you till lunch time!

Breakfast burrito

High Energy Breakfast Shake
If you’re not one to eat something in the day, then have a yummy high energy shake instead. The banana in the recipe will help fill you up and is a great source of potassium, while the almond butter and strawberries will help fuel you. So yummy you might even have two shakes!

Breakfast Burrito
Perhaps you might want to prepare this Breakfast Burrito from Epicurious the night before, so that in the morning rush you can scoop out some fillings and slap it onto your tortilla, roll it up and go. This high energy meal is a great way to start the day, with just the right combination of meats and avocado. If you’re going low carb, leave out the potatoes and add more avocado and chorizo.

A simple rule in high energy breakfasts is to make sure it’s high in proteins. Proteins help to keep you full for a longer period. Adding some good fats like avocado or nuts also does the trick. Try out these recipes and let us know how it goes for you in the comments. Have some recipes to share with us? We’re eager to check it out! Happy eating!

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