Ever since Apple launched the App Store, users have been complaining about how paying $0.99 for an app is way too expensive, and yet business is booming, and there more useless apps released daily in hopes of getting your $0.99. In a space where you have to compete with everyone else, you better make sure that your app is worth the money. That’s why some of these apps have decided to say, “Screw it!” to the familiar model. They’ve created something of value and decided to charge for it. Not everyone will part with their money for it, but for those who do, it’s worth it. Here are three apps that are worth the money:

OmniFocus – For getting things done

3 Paid Apps That Are Worth The Money

Sure you’re going to have to shell out $19.90 for the iPhone version (it also comes for your Mac and iPad) but users of this app are raving about it. Using the GTD system of getting things done OmniFocus lets you organize your tasks in whatever way that makes most sense to you. In fact it might just be too powerful, with many tools that most users might not even use in their everyday task management. That’s not to say that you won’t need it. It let’s you capture and sort your tasks according to project, context or physical location – so it’s perfect for almost any kind of mindset. There might be (or definitely will be) a learning curve to get a hang of all the different features, but definitely worth it!

White Noise – For better sleep

3 Paid Apps That Are Worth The Money

I’ve seen this little app soothe a restless baby and have been a believer ever since. It costs a lot less that the other two apps here – only $1.99 off the App Store or on Google Play. Listen to over 40 different soothing sounds on a seamless loop to help you sleep, relax and even wake you up.

Visible Body – for learning the human anatomy

3 Paid Apps That Are Worth The Money

Ok so not everyone needs (or wants) to know about the human anatomy, but if you’re a nerd like I am, then you’re going to want to shell out the $24.99 so you can play with this awesome app. Learn (in 3D no less) about the functions of the human body, the human skeleton and muscles, heart and circulatory system and more. It’s really much more fun than it sounds and you’ll be able to impress your friends when you can finally tell them what really happened when they threw out their back! Enjoy!

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