3 Workouts You Can Do Anywhere
Living in the city can mean that you might not have access to a gym nearby – thus giving you an excuse to not actually go to the gym. I know every excuse in the book, mainly because I’ve used them myself. I want the gym to be close enough that I can walk to, to not be too crowded, to be crowded enough, to have the right equipment, the right classes, etc. The excuses are endless as to why I won’t go to the gym. These days though, with urban workouts, bodyweight training, and short but high intensity workouts becoming more popular, it’s hard to create excuses as to why we can’t workout. Here are 3 workouts you can do anywhere so you never have the excuse of not moving again.

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Ah yes, we start with the granddaddy of bodyweight workouts. Billed as the most complete workout one can do – it works out your whole body rather than just a part of your body – burpees can be done in a few different ways. You can do it like they do in the video above (plank position) or you can add in a pushup, add a tuck jump or if you really want to push it, add a pull up at the end (you’ll need a bar to pull up) – these are usually crossfit-type burpees. But if you’re just starting out, the simple burpee is enough to get you going. Try doing 15 as quickly as you can, rest for 10 seconds and repeat this for 5 rounds. If you want you can also combine it with other workouts for a complete challenge. Burpees are a great way to burn calories, get strong and build endurance. Sounds perfect

Climb Stairs

Oh the simple stair climb. Looks easy, but even the shortest of stairs is good enough to make some people huff and puff. You can run up the stairs, jump each one, or even get on all fours and climb them (you’ll need a longer flight of stairs for this). They’re a great workout! You can do them tabata style, by running up and down the stairs as fast as you can for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds and repeating this for a whole three minutes. This is a great cardio workout and also works out your legs and bum – feel the burn!

Wall Climbing

There are walls everywhere so this too can be done anywhere there is a wall available. Basically this move is almost like the muscle up that people who do Parkour use to climb walls. Except that instead of pulling yourself up the wall, you come back down again and repeat. So yeah, it’s a combination of the muscle up + pull up. Or if you want, you can go over the wall and come back (like they do in the video above), which is also great. Just be careful! This is great for building core and upper body strength!

No more excuses soldier!

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