It is believed the more someone craves sex, the more willing that someone is to settle down. Do you agree? You might be surprised to find out it is not so with most women. According to the June 2013 issue of the Journal of Research in Personality, a woman’s longing for a one-night stand heightens; they become more discerning, seeking out only the most physically attractive men. Men, on the other hand, consider all women as potential partners, even the ugly ones – if you can believe that. The explanation would be that’s because men just want sex, so they take whatever they can get. Not all men I guess, just the ones who participated in the research. Also, we women are programmed to look for dominant, attractive men—even if we’re not trying to conceive. And yes, I can confirm that. Conclusion: tall and handsome men have nothing to worry about.

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You would think money takes the worries away but here it is. More money can sometimes bring more problems. The February 2013 issue of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin says so. More than 200,000 married couples participated in the Denmark study which found that husbands who make even slightly less money than their wives are more likely to take medications for erectile dysfunction. That’s not good news. The difference in income also affects the women with higher salaries, who take more anti-anxiety medication and are more likely to have insomnia. Conclusion: the percentage of out-earned husbands is rising and the break from the long-standing social norm of breadwinning men seems to be linked with the mental and physical health of both partners.

Now let’s talk about you and me; let’s talk about sex and having children. Researchers at New Zealand’s University of Canterbury asked study participants to rank a list of 30 activities on how pleasurable, meaningful and engaging they are. Can you imagine sex topped all three categories! Drinking alcohol came in second, while childcare was fifth on the list. And people aren’t just happy while they’re having sex or drinking. Lead researcher Carsten Grimm says that people who do the things that rank highly for those three aforementioned categories are happier in general.

And my favorite research: According to the February 2013 issue of the American Sociological Review: examining 4,500 couples, researchers found that men who do housework, which is traditionally delegated to women, have sex less often than couples who divide housework based on customary gender roles. And the reason would be? A man fixing the occasional broken washing machine may be more arousing than one loading it?  The study’s data was collected 20 years ago, though researchers believe the results are relevant today. It’s also worth noting that the study didn’t measure couple’s quality of sex, so traditional couples don’t necessarily have better sex; they just do it more frequently.

People never stop carrying out research. And there is always something to say. I hope you found some good news in there for yourself.

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