It’s hard to see the red flags in a relationship when you first start dating someone. You’re so enamored by the future mother-of-your-children that there is nothing that she can do wrong. In fact when you do start noticing that everything isn’t peachy keen anymore, it’s usually too late – you’re buried in too deep, it’s sticky and hard to get out of and you vow to never get yourself in another situation like this again. Well we hear ya! And we’re here to help! I know that it’s easier said and done and that when you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s hard to see beyond their awesomeness (plus you secretly hope that they’ll change in time) but some of these red flags are inexcusable and you really need to be strong enough to walk away from them because trust us, they just not worth it. #trust

She has cats

Ok, we’re not talking about one cat. Or even two. But if you walk into her place and she has a room full of cats, it’s going to be a problem. Aside from the fact that you’ll be picking fur off everything you own, you’ll also be smelling like cat and you can say goodbye to making love without cats staring at you.

4 Pretty Obvious Dating Red Flags

She pats her pizza down with a napkin

WTF what?? If she’s so worried about the calories (or who the hell knows) then don’t eat the damn thing. You don’t order pizza and then pat it down cuz it’s ‘oily’ or whatever. You want someone who isn’t that uptight son. We are all for women taking care of themselves and eating healthy but every once in a while it’s also cool to let loose. And if you’re going out for pizza, you don’t pat that shit down. #respect

She’s been cheated on more than once

And she’s never been to a therapist to work it out. I mean, just cuz a girl’s been cheated on a few times doesn’t mean she broken forever. However, this shit can cause damage and we applaud a woman who takes things into her own hands and talks to a professional about it to sort things out. But if she’s never gotten any help for it, you don’t want to be the guys she’s pouring all her insecurities on.

4 Pretty Obvious Dating Red Flags

She doesn’t give blowjobs

Alright, this might be a sensitive one, but if a woman is uneasy about sex, and you really like sex, then trust us, it’s going to be a problem in the future. We’re not saying she has to be totally cool with whatever you want, but she does have to be comfortable with her body and sexuality.

These aren’t cues to dump her immediately, but definitely something you should think about when getting into a relationship with her. If you can talk to her about it, then cool, but if it’s a touchy subject to even bring up, then perhaps it’s best to look for something a little less complicated!

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