How many times have I heard my guy friends tell me after they break up that they ‘didn’t see it coming’? It’s sad because I saw it coming. Heck the signs were there but they weren’t paying any attention. Like most men, when they thought things were good, they didn’t bother looking anymore. Women send off signals, they might be subtle but they’re there. I’ve decided to go on and do you guys a favor and list 4 signs your relationship is heading towards a breakup. So you may never be caught unawares again.

5 Signs You're Heading for Break-Up

You constantly pick fights

There’s a difference between having a difference of opinion and picking a fight. I remember an ex boyfriend would set me up for a fight by telling me something and asking for my opinion on the matter, and when I would give my honest opinion he would pick a fight about my answer. He had an answer in his head that he hoped I would give and when mine differed he would get mad that I didn’t have the same answer as him. It was ridiculous and we would end up arguing until I stopped playing this stupid game and left him.

5 Signs You're Heading for Break-Up

You stop having sex

Sure after a while sexual activity will decrease but not wanting to have sex all the time, even when she wants to have sex? That’s cause to worry there. Stress at work might mean you don’t feel like getting jiggy with it, but talking to her is the way to go rather than shutting her out. At some point she’s gonna wanna get her lovin’ somewhere else, unless you open up to her. If she knows what’s happening with you it’ll allow her to empathize rather than feel unloved.

You don’t ever want to do anything

You’ve got the girl so now you don’t have to anything else right? Wrong. She fell in love with that man she met, not with this dude that doesn’t ever want to leave the house. If trying to get you participate in life is more difficult than pulling teeth, at some point she’s gonna give up and leave. I had to convince an ex to do anything at all. Even going for a cup of coffee in a nice cafe was a task. It got so tiring that I preferred to find a man that actually wanted to do things with me rather than having to convince the one I had. We love a man who can chill at home and do nothing – occasionally – we just don’t want a hermit that refuses to do anything.

You’re letting yourself go

If the only reason you bothered to comb your hair is to ‘get the girl’ and as soon as you do you can’t be arsed to make any more effort, then are you really surprised if she wants to leave? You’re settling in, burrowing, and totally letting yourself go. Women love it that you feel comfortable around them to be real, but to not have a shower for three days, gain 10 kilos and not change your underwear? That’s just going too far.

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