She’s coming over for the first time. You’ve spent all evening hiding dirty socks under the sofa cushion and hiding the anal porn stash, now it’s time to make sure all this was not in vain. It’s time to seal the deal.

This is not the time to bust out the winning combination of beer and potato chips, instead charm the knickers off her with these suggestions.

Here are 5 of the sexiest aphrodisiacs that will have her primed, ready and willing:


1) Chocolate.
This one is a no-brainer. Not only do women love chocolate with a vengeance, chocolates help spike dopamine levels that increase feelings of pleasure.

Pick up some fancy dark chocolate truffles or fudge. She won’t be able to resist it, or you.

2) Honey
Think birds and bees. A symbol of procreation, honey helps regulate estrogen and testosterone. Don’t know how to incorporate honey into the evening? Chuck it over some fruit, in tea if she doesn’t drink alcohol (shame) or all over yourself if you are feeling sexy.

3) Figs
A lusciously ripe, sugar sweet fruit filled with seeds and that was purportedly ol’ Adam and Eve’s fruit of choice while they frolicked in the Garden of Eden. Need I say more?

4) Cherries
Remember when Audrey Horne tied that cherry stem with her tongue in Twin Peaks? Cherries have long been a symbol of sexual awakening (said popping of one’s cherry) and are chock-full of vitamins and an antioxidant that supposedly helps to regulate the heart. Rest easy knowing you’ve taken a step towards minimizing risks of a heart attack mid-coitus.

5) Red Wine
A study at the University of Florence found that women who drank red wine on the regular were definitively friskier than the women who didn’t. Not only will your date be an easier lay, red wine also increases blood flow to them womanly bits making your job a lot easier!

If you did not know this before, women typically do not like to eat very much if they plan to put out that night. Rest easy knowing that these options will not only get her in the mood but also keep her fueled up to keep up with your all night long amorous activities.

Do let us know in the comments if you found these effective. We will be seated with a bottle of red waiting in anticipation for the dirty details! 

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