It’s not that women don’t make fashion mistakes, but men seem to have a knack of making these ones over and over again for some reason – even though it makes them look bad! As you know, here at BaDoink we want our readers to look sharp and get the ladies. So we’re here to help make sure you never commit these fashion faux pas!

white socks and shoesWhite gym socks with dress shoes

What are you? Michael Jackson? Listen, no one but the King (of pop) and ironic hipsters are allowed this fashion faux pas. And hipsters get a slim pass because no one cares about hipsters. Dress shoes require dress socks, in anything but white. It’s becoming quite fashionable to wear brightly colored socks with dress shoes too. And remember only the hippest of hip men can pull off the ‘no sock’ look, so only proceed with that if you’re 100 percent sure.

Gym shoes outside the gym

This makes me sad. With all these lovely shoes available for men in the world, why are you still wearing your gym shoes outside the gym, at a party? Don’t you have a nice pair of shoes?

suit buttons

That said, let me make it clear that I’m not talking about fashionable trainers that grace the feet of hip men. I’m talking about actual gym shoes. The kind you really wear to the gym to workout. There is a disturbing trend now to wear trainers with one’s suit. It’s disturbing because it’s so easy to get wrong, and many do.

Way too much branding

This is really one of my pet peeves. We get it; you have money. You can afford expensive things. The designers are to blame for this too. For slapping their branding around on everything they design. It’s bloody tasteless! And shows that you probably don’t have money but have the need to show everyone that you just bought something expensive. Reeks of insecurity.

Socks with Sandals

Really? Why are you wearing socks? Honestly, I’d like to know. Is it too chilly outside? Wear shoes! Is it too warm and your feet sweat? You’re wearing sandals! It’s nice and airy. I’d like to understand the thought process that goes into this decision. Did you put on socks and halfway through decided to throw caution to the wind and live it up in a pair of ugly sandals? Do you own a fanny pack? I feel the need to smack you but I shan’t because I’m a lady. Just stop doing this, make up your mind! Shoes with socks… sandals without!

Fastening the lower button of a suit

Ok, I get it… this isn’t common knowledge if you’re not Barney Stinson or Harvey Spector. But now you know. You never button the bottom button of a suit. Wow, that was a bit of a tongue twister. The better to remember it by!

What do you think? Have you been guilty of any of the above? Let us know.

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