5 Interesting Sex Tech Toys On The Market

Sex tech is really ramping up these days with more and more manufacturers coming up with all kinds of new ways to experience and enjoy sex. Some people might not find that it’s their cuppa tea, while others are all for it. The more (sex) the merrier, eh? We here at BaDoink love it! The more ways that you can experience sex, the better. We’ve gathered some of the more interesting sex tech toys on the market for you to think about. Perhaps, if you thought sex tech wasn’t for you, we can change your mind?

The Gaga

If you’ve ever felt like you needed to check out the inside of your vagina while having sex, then The Gaga is the toy for you. Personally the need has not come up for me, although I’m open to giving it a try. Not sure if seeing my insides while I’m about to climax will be good for me though. Either way, this is a great toy if you’re mucking about with a partner and he wants to see how you orgasm up close. Really up close.


Welcome to the world of realistic virtual kissing. If you’re apart from your lover and long to feel the touch of her lips, then Kissingers is your go-to toy. Just kiss the device on one end, and your lover will be able to feel the gentle graze of your soft lips on their device at the other end. Just don’t open your eyes or have anyone around or else the magic might be gone.

Virtual Reality Tenga

So the video above is mildly creepy, showing a tiny Japanese anime character wanking someone off using a Tenga. But hey, the combo of Oculus Rift + Tenga seems inevitable. But come on though, let’s not pretend that we’ve never had any sexual fantasies about cartoon characters or celebrities. With this combo, you can have almost anyone wank you off. Sounds good!


Kiiroo is trying to bridge the space gap that couples in long distance relationships suffer by using teledildonics. With Kiiroo products you and your partner can get intimate with each other through controlling each other’s sex toys. If you don’t have a partner to play with, no worries, as it can also be synced with porn. Win!

Autoblow 2

I get it, sometimes it’s just too much effort to wank yourself off. Which is why we want blowjobs! And with Autoblow 2, you might just get that. Though it might feel like it could be like the Fleshlight, what differentiates Autoblow 2 is that it will automatically… blow… you. I guess they didn’t decide to get creative with the name. Now imagine this combined with the Oculus Rift while you sip beer. OMG.