Mm… smell that. It’s the smell of the New Year! This means a whole bunch of new TV shows are launching. After the success of Fargo last year, it seems that the big wigs are feeling more at ease about adapting movies into TV shows. Ever feel that some movies are so good they need to go on way after the 90-minute mark? Well, lucky you, here are 5 movies that are being made into TV shows!

Minority Report

Way back in 2002, Tom Cruise starred in a futuristic blockbuster about precogs predicting future crimes. Now Fox has ordered a pilot to be made. It takes place 10 years after the movie and the precogs are trying to integrate into real life. With Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television on board it might just turn out to be something pretty interesting. We can’t tell if a full series is going to happen but we’ll know after the pilot.

12 Monkeys

At its time 12 Monkeys was a huge hit for both Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. It was a futuristic, apocalyptic movie with time travel. Of course I loved it. So it comes as no surprise that I’m most excited about this TV show in this list. Estimated to come out this month (January 2015) on the Syfy channel.


The first Scream movie was quite a fun watch, but then they just kept on going and now they have a TV show too. Coming out some time this year on MTV, with a fresh bunch of teenagers, presumably because the last bunch wised up about this franchise (or were more likely killed off in the movies), we get to see more of the this slasher flick, except every week on our television.

School of Rock

While this movie wasn’t exactly a box office hit, it still got plenty of acclaim, so much so that Nickelodeon is putting out 13 episodes sometime early this year. Not sure what to expect, but I am pretty sure we’re going to be bombarded with some (hopefully fun) anecdotes about Rock and Roll and the like.

Rush Hour

This trilogy was such a hit it propelled Jackie Chan to the forefront in the west. Now they’re coming out with a TV show based on the same premise – a by the book Hong Kong cop working with a less than by the book LAPD cop. It’s going to be a cop-action-comedy. I’m expecting some hard hitting cop drama with some loud, mildly annoying comedy thrown in.

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  1. I’ve recorded the Pilot for 12 Monkeys, but not watched it yet. Loved that movie, have it on DVD and re-watch it occasionally. Minority Report might have possibilities, I’d check it out. But nothing on TV will ever stop my preference/love for seeing Movies out on the Big Screens!