5 Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

I’m kinda all super-hero-movied out at the moment and after Mad Max what else is there in the action genre right? Which is why I’m out looking for new movies that move away from the super-hero genre. And guess what, the world of movies does not disappoint. Check out these awesome trailers for movies I can’t wait to watch.

Steve Jobs

Aw yeah finally! After a lot of fluffing about we get a sneak peak at the new Steve Jobs movie with Michael Fassbender playing Jobs and Danny Boyle in the director’s seat. So far from what I see it looks mighty enticing. Who am I kidding, I would watch this movie even if it were starring a dog in a turtleneck. Wait, I totally watch a dog in a turtleneck. Either way it’ll be in theatres October 9.


A movie about Amy Winehouse the talented singer who died in 2011 at age 27 – the rock star age to die. This movie got a lot of good reviews at the Cannes and judging from the trailer it looks to paint a more realistic picture of Winehouse instead of the drug fueled singer the media has painted of her so far. Coming out July 3.


Finally a movie about long-distance relationships in the modern world. Complete with Skype, Google maps and webcams. It tells a story of a couple from Barcelona and the challenges they face when one of them has to move to Los Angeles for a residency. Cue funny and cute webcam moments and dancing with laptop scenes. Coming out July 10.

Knock, Knock

I suppose you could count this as an action thriller, but it has Keanu Reeves in it, so all bets are off. Probably the movie I’m most looking forward to seeing on this list. This time around Keanu doesn’t get to play the hero, instead he is some kind of ‘victim’? They have two hot, insane girls in it. I don’t know. It’s all confusing. Keanu!

We Are Your Friends

I’ll admit the name of the movie pulled me in, bringing me back 7 years, and so did the first half of the trailer. Not sure about the last half of the trailer, but it’s worth checking out. Here is probably the first true millennial movie; interestingly it’s taken a while for the movie business to catch up. But here we are. Coming out August 28.

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