Have you been bashing yourself up because you think you aren’t doing enough in the way of sexual acrobatics in the bedroom? Think that the only way to have good sex is if you’re constantly changing things up and keeping things ‘exciting’? Well, I’m here to say hogwash! With so much talk about sex you’d think the only way to have good sex is if you’re hanging off the ceiling fucking to oblivion. Not true compadres. Despite what the movies would like you to think, some sex positions are just overrated. When it comes to comfort and sexual pleasure sometimes the simple positions deliver much more than the fancy ones. Here are 5 overrated sex positions:

Overrated sex positions

Standing Sex
Sure it looks great to be so overtaken by passion that you have to have sex, right here, right now, standing just where you are. Sure, it looks really nice too. But in reality, have you tried carrying a girl AND maintaining a good rhythm? Not much pleasure to be had my friend.

Sex in water (any water)
Fucking in a pool seems really hot right up till you put it in. And then when you don’t really feel much due to too much lubrication, the hot parts cool off. Trying to do it in the shower is also a much hotter idea than it is practical, especially if you have a small shower. Trying not to slip and hit your head while keeping water out of your mouth doesn’t look as sexy as one might think.

The 69
This is a hit or miss. In my opinion, one party will end up having all the fun while the other one does most of the work. It’s hard to try and suck dick while having your muff eaten out. Either you’re really feeling the pleasure from the muff dive, or you’re focusing on giving a BJ.

Titty Fucking
Looks great in porn, but in reality, the girl feels nothing and the guy MIGHT feel something if the girl has huge knockers. This position is more about the fantasy of titty fucking than actual straight up pleasure.

Reverse Cowgirl
Perhaps I’m the only one that thinks that this position is overrated. Unless the girl has an amazing ass, you’re looking at a position that will give you the view of a gyrating, dimpled behind. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but in my opinion, on a pleasure/comfort scale it’s pretty low for both parties.

I’m not saying don’t use any of the positions above, but mix it up with some conventional position if you want to maximize your pleasure. What positions do you think are overrated?

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