Talking about apps for your phone, it’s time we started focusing on productivity. Because as you know smartphones were created to actually help you and make life easier and not just for Angry Birds and Candy Crush. We’ve scoured the Net and tested apps for you so that you can download the best app to help you be more productive.


As usual, number one on this list has to be Evernote! Sync all your notes, to-do lists, ideas and much, much more with this awesome free app. Every person uses it differently, and once you find a way to use it for yourself, you’ll never turn back!

You know you sometimes need to do something at some place, like post a letter or pay a bill, but never seem to remember when you’re actually walking past the post office? Well, with Checkmark – a location based to-do list – this will never happen again. This app will remind you of your tasks based on time and location.

If you’ve always wanted to get down to ‘inbox zero” that elusive state that no one seems to be able to get it, then Mailbox is a great app to have to help you do just that.
“Mailbox largely fixes a problem most of us have with email: quickly getting rid of the junk we don’t want, and saving the stuff we do for later,” writes Business Insider. “You’ll want to give it a try.”


Dropbox has been one of magical services that have solved the problem of sharing files and accessing files from anywhere whether they are documents, photos, music or videos. This simple service has brought so much joy to so many! Simple, sleek and easy to use, once you start you’d wonder how you lived without it!

Focus Time
Using the Pomodoro technique Focus Time will help you… well… focus. And we all know that to be productive you will need to focus. Easy and simple to use, Focus Time will help you batch tasks into uninterrupted blocks of time.

So these are some awesome apps to have to help you achieve more and be more productive. Do you already use any of these? Or do you have others that you use? Let us know in the comments!

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