For some reason men seem to think that they can meet women to date in a bar or in a club. Perhaps you think that the alcohol helps to lubricate the conversation, and everyone seems to be having fun already. Well, if you’re looking for a relationship (and not just a hookup), it’s quite rare that you’ll meet ‘the one’ in a bar.

Well, where else do you meet women, right? What other places do these elusive birds congregate? Put on your best shirt and shoes because here are 5 places to meet women.

Join a Class or Team:

Got an interest that you like; art class, language class, or pottery even? Join a class! You’ll meet other people who also have the same interest and will already have something in common. You can share notes or brushes and make practice dates together.

Where to meet women


This is a slightly tricky one. If you see a woman who is engrossed in her book, leave her alone. But if you see someone lightly browsing for books, it’s a great way to share and exchange tips on which books are your favorite. Nowadays, big chain bookstores even come with coffee shops so you don’t have to walk far to get a cup.

At an art opening:

This here is a great way to meet women. There is some alcohol, but it isn’t a usual pick up joint, so nobody has their defenses up. People are here to mingle and talk. You can bond over your mutual like or dislike of the art on the wall and perhaps take it over to a nice quiet restaurant for a late supper after the opening.


Concerts are great! You already know she has great taste in music and you get to see her fun side. If moshing together doesn’t create a bond, I don’t know what will.

Outdoor activity:

If you’re into rock climbing, cross-fit, hiking, surfing or anything else outdoorsy, it’s a great way to meet women who also have the same interest. Granted, there are a lot less women doing these things than men, but you’ll be surprised how many are getting into these awesome activities.

What other places can you think of to meet women? We’d love to hear your success stories! Drop us a note in the comments.

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