The other night I saw a lot of “Goodbye Nanu nanu” status updates on my Facebook feed and wondered what in the world was happening, until I read that Robin Williams – the guys whose movies inspired and changed the lives of so many – had passed away.

We have lost someone great. This celebrity death has brought me a lot of pain. Perhaps because he has also been a celebrity that has affected my life so much. His movies have brought laughter and tears and some have truly helped to shape my life. This is my little tribute to Mr. Williams. May he have the peace he craved for so long. Genie, you are now truly free…


Alright, tell me you didn’t want to have a friend like him? The Genie in Aladdin was one of my favorite Disney characters of all time! And he’s not even the main character of the movie! I still remember the lyrics and can sing Friend Like Me like the movie came out yesterday. This movie paved the way for other big actors to lend their voice to animated movies. All thanks to this big, blue, lovable genie.

Patch Adams

After Patch Adams came out, it probably single handedly raised the sales of clown noses everywhere! Even I had one! It reminded everyone everywhere to add a little humor, love and humanity into their lives. To treat others with kindness and to remember that all people need is to be heard and to be loved. Robin Williams’ performance in the movie was so moving that it brought the much needed attention to the Gesundheit Institute which in 2010 (12 years after the movie came out) finally had raised enough money to expand its clinic.

What Dreams May Come

The ultimate love story. This movie propelled the concept of soul mates to the general public hard! The ultimate sacrifice is made when Robin William’s character braves hell in order to save his wife. I mean, Come on! How do you top that? Suddenly everyone wanted a love like this. Spoiler alert: It’s a HUGE sob fest!

Good Will Hunting

This scene above was such a great scene, so much so that it won Robin Williams an Academy Award. This movie was so moving and so well acted by all in it, but especially by Williams, who was more famed for his ‘funny’ or kid movie roles. Suddenly we saw that Robin Williams was not just this fun, funny guy who could do amazing impressions!

Dead Poets Society

This scene probably inspired many to make their lives extraordinary. I know it did for me. I was so moved by this one scene, the memory of looking at photos of those before me that were now gone and ‘fertilizing daffodils’, who were once just like me, full of hope and passion, every decision I made after was made with the idea of carpe diem in mind. I know for a fact that Dead Poets Society has inspired many, many people around the world. And if this is his only legacy (which it isn’t), then it too is more than enough. Because what is better than inspiring, changing and in some cases saving the lives of millions of people all over the world? Robin Williams was quoted saying, “Death is nature’s way of saying, “Your table is ready.” Well I hope you’re finally at peace wherever you may be Mr. Williams.

With love,
The World.

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