You can’t tell looking at the never changing face of Weird Al, that he’s been in the business over 30 years now! That’s 30 years of music and over 150 parodies and original music. Weird Al is a legend and I don’t say that because I’m a fan of his weird yet brilliant talent but also because to have him parody your song means that you’ve pretty much made it in the business.

His newest album Mandatory Fun has just been released and features parodies of Pharrell, Iggy Azalea, Robin Thicke and more. The funny thing is, sometimes his parodies actually make the original song better. For the most part Weird Al parodies big pop hits and pokes fun at pop culture, and big pop hits aren’t always renowned for their amazing lyrics. But as talent goes, Weird Al is an amazing lyricist and, for me anyway, here are five songs made better by Weird Al Yankovic:

Blurred Lines / Word Crimes

Sure it is a catchy song, or else it wouldn’t have made it big. But the controversy surrounding this song has surely outshone the artist. Weird Al has taken Robin Thicke’s rape-y song and turned it into an awesome grammar lesson. #respect

Ridin / White and Nerdy

Chamillionaire was so happy with the parody that he even mentioned Weird Al in his recent Grammy win. That’s how it’s done, son!

Fancy / Handy

To be fair I’m quite a fan of this Iggy Azalea song. But I still have to admit. I’m much rather be handy than fancy. It’s just so much more practical.

Party in the USA / Party in the CIA

Alright, so I hadn’t actually heard the original non Weird Al version of the song, sung by Miley Cyrus. But in my opinion, I’d rather hear about a Party in the CIA!

Born this way / Perform this way

So apparently there was a little bit of controversy surrounding this song. Apparently Lady Gaga’s team had denied permission to release this parody in his album but with the power of twitter and YouTube Lady Gaga herself gave him permission to release it stating that she didn’t know that her manager had denied him permission. She apparently considers this parody “Very empowering.” #recognize

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