No home is complete without a fully stocked spirit cabinet. Lucky for us all you don’t need to have every liquor under the sun for a fully stocked cabinet. A few choice bottles is all you need to create almost any cocktail. If you’re the drink it neat kinda guy, then you better have some good brands to get the most out of your drinking experience. Either way, all you really need are these 5 bottles below:

Rum (top image)

No spirit cabinet will be complete without it. Go for something made from sugarcane. Go for: Flor de caña


Image by Oliver Hoffmann /

Aside from being the base for a lot of cocktails, a good bottle of vodka is a must for any liquor cabinet. Go for something triple-distilled for a smooth drink. Go for: Grey Goose



Another great drink, especially now with all the fancy new gin in the market. Great base and a great summer drink! Go for: Mombasa



Technically this is two different bottles here, a bottle of bourbon and a bottle of scotch. Go for: Famous Grouse and Jack Daniels



For a yummy pre-lunch drink on a hot summer day. Go for the red or white at: Dolin Vermouth de Chambery.

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